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My last day with Lucy


Hey guys, I've really been trying to get back to the monthly recap and finish it, but I'm also in a little bit of a sad situation so it may be late tonight or tomorrow when it finally goes live. 

I've never had a pet of my own in my adult life, but I shared an apartment with my sister for a time and her dog, Lucy, was a regular presence. She was a happy little dog that was eager to play and put on the waterworks so I'd give her bits of pizza. Dogs love to guilt people out of food. Since that time, my sister has moved out but calls me over to watch Lucy and her other dogs when she and her husband are off doing photography work or enjoying road trips. They like to travel a lot

I've known Lucy since she was a puppy and that was like 12 year ago. Now that spring in her step has gone. It all began around this time last year, I was watching over her at my apartment and she no longer knew the place. She'd get nervious, constantly pace around, work herself into in dark corners and start barking out fear because she forgot how to back out. Since then, It's been more appropriate for me to watch over her at my sister's place since Lucy knows and remembers it better. 

But even that benefit has faded. That spark in Lucy's eyes is gone. We've all had a hard time doing what needs to be done and letting her go. She's just barely able to eat on her own and needs help drinking through a plastic syringe. She does still respond to pizza crust, but that little perky thing her ears used to do when she really wanted it has gone away. She's just there, running on instinct and little else.

And here I am knowing this is probably the last time I'll watch over her. My sister and brother-in-law have decided the want to spread their wings even more and live in a more mobile context. Lucy can barely cope in a house right now and they have two other dogs that are much younger and have the energy for trave. Over the holiday they almost lost one of them, the smallest one named Ricki, when people at a 4th of July event started firing off fireworks before the appointed time. My sister grabbed on to Desi (are you picking up on a slight theme with these dogs' names?) because fireworks terrify her, but they couldn't get to Ricki in time.

Ricki bolted and ran off into the wilderness, but thankfully at 2am this morning, Ricki returned at the doorstep of the house they were staying at and Desi let everyone know it. Desi is the large dog, but those two have a strong playful bond and I guess that's what led Ricki back to them more than anything else. So that's a relief, even if I know Ricki is the annoying baby that wants to sleep on my head sometimes. 

Anyway, I know this is the last time I'll be watching Lucy and each time I sit down to do this stuff she's right there wandering under the desk or getting stuck in corners if I don't barracade her in the hallway. And I don't like doing that, it seems to make her even more sad. 

When I head home later today, I know I'll be able to focus better on the things that need doing, but for now I'm going to give Lucy a bath and say my goodbyes.

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