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The Amiibo Quandary: A Scalper's Best Friend.


 In the past, Nintendo has revolutionized the way we play games.

They have captured our hearts with beloved characters and worlds.

They have made collectibles and other sorts of bibs and bobs that made the common nerd want to shovel money into every hole of the company. 

And one day, the lords of innovation decided to cram all of these things together into a small, brightly colored, collectible package. This is what we now call the Amiibo. 


Now, this isn't a new topic on the internet, people have been buzzing about them ever since they first came out about a year ago. The thing that Nintendo didn't predict however, is the fact that people can't ever seem to get their hands on the one they want. When these first came out the problem wasn't to bad, you go to your local GameStop, Target, EB Games, ect. and you simply bought the one you wanted. Super easy and effective, the customer got what they wanted and the story was over. The following months however opened up the shady precepice of darkness we now know as "The Amiibo Problem." The next wave of Amiibo introduced something that seems fishy for a product everyone should be able to get their hands on. Nintendo had created a weird kind of rarity to certain models. Normally this wouldn't be that much of a problem, the same thing happened with the popular Skylanders series, and people still got the figures they wanted. Tha Amiibos however made fans scream and pull their hair out all over the nation. Why is this? The answer is simple...

The common scalper.

This is where the metaphorical koopa droppings hit the fan. Scumbags everywhere completely depleated supplies because they were hot items. There were claims of people stealing them from shopping carts and teams of them banding together to "catch em' all" before anyone else could.  Consumers were spamming Reddit and Tumblr sites complaining about not getting their figures they desire, their pleas about plastic collectibles rung out louder than any I have ever heard... And it tore me apart inside because I had seen it in action.

I went to the store when the newest wave came out to buy the only amiibo I really wanted at the time. Out of all the figures I sought to own, I wanted none more than MegaMan. I trotted down to my local WalMart early one morning to get my plastic trophy of loyal fandom and childhood wonder. And as I dashed down the aisle, money in my pocket and the title song of MegaMan 2 buzzing so jovially in my head, I had no idea of the fate that befell me that somber day. As soon as I turned the corner, I saw him.. A sweaty, peach fuzzed smirk slapped on his villainous face. Holding all 3 MegaMan Amiibos in his dark clutches. The theme song stopped, my eyes widened, and for a breif moment, my inner MegaMan switched off. 

After the saddest walk to my Civic I had ever experienced, I flocked to instagram to see if anyone had gotten lucky... And what I saw can only be described as a Scalper HayDay. There were pictures with 5 or 6 copies they had greedily grabbed, taglined with "the bidding starts at 35, message me, I accept trades". There was no way in Hyrule I would ever pay for a product that doubled in price that fast, especially if said product was an action figure. (even if it was my favorite videogame character.) 

SO I gave up, a few months later I finally found one, but I had almost forgot about it when I stumbled across that jaded relic of dissapointment. But even though all of this made the experience so-so, I don't blame Nintendo, at all. It's us, the consumer that ruin it for everybody else. Their sales figures don't lie sweetie pie, thems babies be selling out like hot cakes. (sorry, my inner southern dandy came out again.) 

Don't give up hope dear readers, let us all band together to make the gaming community a better place! 

Thank you so much for reading,

Tuxedo Knight.

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