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Me, Fake News & the Dying Girl


I don't know if anyone cares, but I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain what's happening with me and my "hilarious" fake news pieces. As some of you have already seen, I am now on the main page, part of the Dtoid staff, as my real name. After being asked to write for the main page two months ago, it was agreed that I should go under my real name not under Fake News. This was done for two reasons: 1) It's unfair that I can criticize game companies while hiding behind a fake name and avatar while others can't, and 2) It'll make it easier for these companies to know who to sue.

In joining the Dtoid staff as a real life person, I have been given the okay to do non-satircal work in addition to my "gut-busting" fake news pieces. I published one today (http://www.destructoid.com/suffering-from-ptsd-talk-to-your-doctor-about-tetris-295312.phtml) but don't expect a lot of these out of me. Afterall, there are more than a dozen writers for this site and there is only so much news in a day. As for my fake news pieces, those will now be published with the moniker Fauxclusive in the title. Doing so will have the following effects: 1) It will stop people from saying I tricked them into reading my work, and 2) About 90% less page views. But that's okay, because I didn't get into this for the page views. I do this because I have fun writing crap, even if I'm the only one who finds it funny (see: http://www.destructoid.com/fauxlusive-nookling-junction-dumps-trump-295189.phtml). When I first signed on as Its About To Get Gay In Here, I did it because I was looking for a creative outlet and I found one. People seemed to like it, I seemed to like it, so I kept doing it. And I'm going to keep doing it, both on the main page and in the blogs. If there is something I write that can be considered... what's the word... libelous, it will be published under my Fake News name in the blogs.

So there you have it. Going forward expect just more silly stories from me, some real news (I did work in the news for more than three years so it is in my blood) and who knows maybe some video stuff down the road (with the blessing of Jed of course). So long as I'm having fun, I'll keep doing this. Or maybe I'll just quit and go back to my first true love: crying myself to sleep. For now, enjoy this video of a cat trying to jump to a window sill:

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