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PC FNF: FTL: A Study in Torture


This week has been very stressful as I am changing jobs and had to train a bunch of people at my current one on EVERYTHING I know. So two things were very limited, my time for vidya and the amount of unmanagable stress I wanted in them. I tried playing the new Terraria update but it's still just as boring as it was before. I guess updates don't fix core game mechanics. I ultimately settled back into that lovely space sim where you never feel safe FTL: Faster Than Light. It really is one of the best games I have ever played, it mixes heart racing strategy with just the right amount of random generation to make sure that when you die (and you will) you think through every single choice you made along the way and how it lead to your ultimate demise.

As my roommate and I sat next to each other cursing at each of our games for their lack of stores when we needed fuel or ammo we lamented about how even though the game is cruel it is fair...then I jumped into a sun, ran out of fuel got boarded and subsequentally had my doors and oxygen systems destroyed so the only refuge was the med bay...where my crew was able to heal just as much as the lack of oxygen was killing them. So I had two choices, let my game run while my crew floated helplessly in front of a sun until the ship was destroyed, or send them out in a blaze of no oxygen. Crew lost that day: All of them. Whose fault was it? Mine for not keeping my heal bomb.

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This week's schedule:

Game: Ultra Street Fighter 4
Host: Ckarasu
Time: 9 PM EST
Sever: None. I'll just host a private room.
Password: None. It'll be private, so add me as a friend and you'll get an invite.
Note: I won't wait for long before taking down the room, so please add me beforehand if you want to play

Team Fortress 2 (Early Game)

Time: 9pm PST | 12am EST



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