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I'm off to fight some fires also thanks Holmes!


Honestly, I just graduated college but I took this test 3 years ago got called this past year, then passed two physical test, and the medical, and psychological and well I’m here now and going to academy for 18 weeks.

It’s not like I’m leaving its 30 mins from my house but like 12 hours a day and its para-military so I won’t really have time to do what I want.

I have to study because there are classes and need a 75% or above to pass, I need to obviously do physical stuff in both strength/fitness and those practical situations. Is this what I wanted to do? Not necessarily, I went to school to become a stock broker or a lawyer, but I can’t complain with this opportunity. I only work half the month (you work your full 30 in 15 days etc), which leads me to have plenty of free time, I get a lot of benefits and other stuff.

The big thing for me is I really am looking to make Partnership on Twitch to make side change with that. I’m currently at 3,000+ followers and applied for the partnership; hoping I do get it. It would totally make everything easier for me though for the next 18 weeks I’m gonna be pretty busy PLUS studying on the weekends etc. Same thing with YouTube finally hit 500+ so we’ll see where that gets us!

My pro Smash Bros career will be on semi-hiatus since I will not be attending EVO and I missed CEO. I can probably make a few locals for free money but honestly I won’t be attending any nationals except maybe Smash Con. It was fun, going to tourneys, getting recognized and of course winning money. Maybe by the time I get back customs will be banned once again (even though only us crappy tri-state runs it). It was cool being IQHQ and now Destructoid (thanks Johnathan Holmes) but my brother, Gohan,  is still around to carry the legacy. 

It was crazy from just playing Brawl for fun and then going on to national tourneys and placing and winning a lot of locals meeting all kinds of people. All those people you watch on stream I've beaten, talked, and played against and to be honest they aren't all M2K's; there are just normal people who love the game. They are some jerks but the community is big enough to get around them.

You want to get better and compete a national level? THEN PLAY AND GET BETTER! That's what I did and it really paid off!

On the note of games and anime. I’ve beaten about 6 games this past month 100%, and currently am playing Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment, One Piece Unlimited World Red, and I still have a billion and a half JRPG’s to do. I tried to bang out as many games I could but I got lazy. Hopefully not too many good things come out while I don’t have much time ;D but I’m sure I’ll be able to bang out a lot of em.

Anime- I’ve slacked but at least I watched Durarara x2!! But I also slacked on my manga reading to so whatever I’ll have a lot of reading to do when I get back! 

I’m not sure how baseball season will go since I will be busy but hopefully I will be back for playoffs; I want to win the championship for my coach really bad, all my coaches, they are great people. 

Wish me luck guys! Thank you all and I’ll try to update when I can.

- It'd be cool to find me on Youtube GAMEMEN / SNBGaming64 and waste your time watching guides and couch co-op <3 thanks.

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