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What Did You Buy In the Steam Sale?


Alas the Steam Sale is about to end. Gamer’s Christmas will return next year, all things considered I found this year to be disappointing. I only bought one thing – Homeworld Remastered, a write up of which I am currently working on. It cost me £10. A good find.

There were many things that made this Steam Sale a little disappointing for me. Firstly, there was a little bit of shiftiness on the first day with some games mysteriously going up in price days before and on the day of the sale, most notably GTA V. Nothing much, and as it turned out most cases were misunderstandings, but still – I’m surprised Valve allowed that kind of shit to be pulled on their marketplace. It is a shame that some developers decided to play the system.

The sale game was also a bit pointless. You could argue that it always is, and I’d probably agree with you – I rarely indulge in it because it gives Valve money and if you read my stuff on here you’ll know that I don’t like Valve very much. Last year Steam users (via Reddit) rigged the game so that everyone would win equally, a pretty awesome act of mass philanthropy. Valve changed the rules once they knew what was going on to reinstate the competitive side and thus make them more money. This year’s game seems to have been designed to avoid the Reddit rigging that went on last year. I think that is also a shame, I love it when people come together like that.

There were also no community votes. We used to be able to vote every few hours from a selection what games we wanted on sale at certain percentages. Not this time. Stuff just turns up on the front page and we accept it – another bit of community that was absent from this year’s Summer Sale.

Also, I just felt that a lot of the sales weren’t very good. The percentages were smaller, I think (though I am yet to crunch numbers to find out for sure). They might not have been, but the numbers felt less impressive. For instance, last year I bought Far Cry 3 for £3.99. A great deal. This year, the lowest I saw it drop to was £4.99. Also a great deal, but not quite as great as the one I got, despite the game now being a year older – I don’t quite know why.

That’s all I really have to say on the matter. It’s over, I’m a bit disappointed and honestly I only saved £12 over everything I bought. Oh well.

So what did you lot haul from the sale – anything good?

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