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Scary Granules Episode 30 - Super Special Collectors Edition


It's a beautiful moment, not just for the Scarygranules duo Glowbear and Panza, but for all of you. I mean the joy that we're feeling cannot come close to the sheer ecstasy that is overwhelming you and your brethren. Yes we know you're excxited, we know you'vbe been waiting for ages and finally it's here, wipe your tears.


This episode is special for many reason, not least of all because we're shocked we got past episode 2. We've had some lovely guests in the past and we're looking forward to having more join us on this deliciously depraved gaming gravy boat. ScaryGranules is expanding in little but important ways this year and we're hopeful that we'll keep striving. We do this because we enjoy it, we like interacting with the community and to have various outlets for a passion that also allows us to share with people from all over the world is just wonderful.

What's even more wonderful for this episode is that Dr. Tom Tom @DrRockyowitz a Dtoider and all around musical badass has created our very own special, one of a kind, theme song. He's a pretty swell guy (IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD LADIES) and a talented guitarist and composer.

With all that gushing out of the way, get comfortable, close your curtains and check out the 30th episode podcast, where we talk about games, films, the value and wishlist behind remastered titles, Steam refunds and a mixed sweetie bag of other juicy topics.


If you want to guess what colour of green underwear Panza wears every Tues, feel free to email us your guesses:

[email protected]   

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