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Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 5/27/2015 6/3


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.


After my blog vacation I think it’s time I come back with my weekly comic book roundup series wouldn’t you? And boy do I have a doozy today, 19 comics. 19 bloody comics + the ending of Future’s End. You guys sure are getting your money’s worth this time! Which works quite well so let’s smash this out of the park!... After one more thing. I am still looking for someone that would want to podcast with me. I’m willing to consider nearly anyone that’s interested truth be told so if you have some interest hit me up in the comments below.


Future’s End:

So… while I was gone Future’s End concluded. And boy what a bloody let down that whole series was! As a heads up their will be:

So just so you know before we go on. NEARLY NOTHING HAPPENS THE ENTIRE SERIES. NOTHING! BROTHER EYE IS STILL IN CONTROL! The only thing that really bloody well happens is that Terry McGinnis dies (boooo best Batman dies) and we get retired Robin to take up his place. So yeah, NOTHING HAPPENS. Except maybe Frankenstein’s Monster is dead. Or maybe he’s not, but basically nothing large happened. We were expecting something. Anything and what did we get? Nothing pretty much. This is a real shame due to the fact that it could’ve done SOMETHING! But it didn’t instead all it was, was replacing Terry McGinnis in that universe. The end.

Batman Beyond #1:

Hey speaking of Terry McGinnis, here he is now! Back in another comic series, thankfully. Batman Beyond has had somewhat of a love again hate again relationship with DC so I wasn’t expecting them to do another series for him again so soon. I’m just happening to hope that this one sticks. And after having read this I’m upset. I’m furious. I’M STEAMING. They killed Terry off. Tim Drake is now Batman Beyond. I’m not happy. Fudge Convergence. Fudge Future’s End. Fudge DC. However from an interview maybe Terry will come back, I suppose we’ll see but either way this is a shit show so far. Don’t get me wrong I do like Tim Drake. A lot. But he’s not Terry. The other thing that pisses me off is that this continues Future’s End. Which I didn’t really want (I wanted clarity on that but I pick up Batman Beyond for exactly that. Batman Beyond. Not Tim Drake in Terry’s Suit) but I guess I’ll deal. So we have Terry after what happened in Convergence (which we’ll get to next) trying to stop Brother Eye still. Somehow the world’s got scrambled and bits and pieces are here and there and everywhere. It’s rather strange. But for this issue we see Tim attempting to rescue Barbara Gordon as well as Max from Batman Beyond. Here’s hoping it picks up.

Convergence #8:

Hey so while I was away DC had another comic event! Convergence! And now it’s done. It may hopefully explain a little bit more what happened in Tim Drake Beyond. (Can I call it that now?) So much like Future’s End nothing happened! Hooray! Well not entirely. Basically the whole point of Convergence was a Gladiator style event. Two heroes enter but only one leaves. And when the other hero died so did their world. Interesting concept. If it hadn’t been that this issue reset everything. Brainiac sent everybody back in time to reset everything from ever happening and returning the worlds to how they were. Minus one. There was one world that when it got plucked up by Brainiac it had been completely destroyed. This… this undid that. That way they still have a home. So it mostly did nothing but hey. At least it saved some people’s favorite multiverse.

The Amazing Spider-Man #18.1:

So with our favorite web slinger they’ve had an off shoot story arc. This may in fact be the last Spider-Man story for Peter Parker due to one other comic we’ll cover shortly. (I doubt it but we’ll see) But for this story we have one of Spidey’s ally’s possibly thinking she wants to do things… a little differently. Maybe a little more… Punishy. As in kill them like the Punisher. She’s tired of seeing bad people just be put away time and time again but nothing comes of it. So this arc has been showing her possible slow fall down that path. Meanwhile for this issue we see The Wraith and Spidey team up to stop a breakout of Hammerhead and Tombstone, who’s crew is fighting over who gets the territory Kingpin left behind when he died. However since both of them are stuck in jail and Black Cat wants the territory for herself, she decides after talking with Crime Master (new one, old one’s dead) that maybe instead of fighting both of their crews it may be smarter to release them from prison and get them to join her crew. Which is where Spidey and Wraith step in. However at the end of the issue we leave off on a cliffhanger, with Wraith holding a gun in her hand not seeing if she shot someone or not. This may be the fall she’s taken and it may be in part due to Mister Negative’s influence on her.

The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1:

So this one requires a little bit of backstory. Hooray backstory! Basically Marvel released a Spider-Man story a few years back that nearly everyone hated. Spider-Man made a deal with the devil to revive Aunt May (and keep his identity unknown since Iron Man was a dick and gave that away) and all he had to do in return was that he’d never been married to Mary Jane. This also killed his child. Yeah… not many liked that arc. So they’re reversing it! And boy howdy is this an interesting issue. So we have a new Super Villain, Regent who uh… well he’s like Rogue. He absorbs peoples powers. But a little differently. You remember Cell from DBZ? Imagine that but with Colossus, Professor Xavier, Hulk, Daredevil every last super hero you name it. He kinda kills them for his powers as well so he takes down every last one. Minus one. Peter Parker. Who while the Avengers were off fighting Regent he had a little family problems. See while Peter’s actually quite happy with his life now he does happen to have a few villains that know his identity. Such as Venom. Venom went after Mary Jane and Annie his kid. Peter didn’t like that, so his first time he willingly kills someone. He straight up murders Brock, not because he wants to mind you, but because he knows Venom. He will never stop hunting him, he will never stop coming. After that he retires Spider-Man. Spider-Man is no more and we skip forward five years to when Annie is no longer a baby. And the world has no more super heroes.

Spider-Woman #008:

So for this issue of Spider-Woman that we’ve been leading up to we finally get the final conflict as to what’s been going down. We have a town full of women that has abducted their husbands and done away with them due to the fact that all of these women have been abused by men in some way. And that’s the reason why the villain Spider-Woman is trying to help was worried about her wife and children, what he was being told was that his wife and child would be killed but instead just is incorporated into this town. Spider Woman also gets her ass handed to her, requiring the rest of the woman of the town to realize the person attacking her has gone WAY WAY too far. And stop’s her, and honestly that’s all she needs to gain the upper hand, if someone gets a cheap shot off you and doesn’t stop it can be hard to come back. However at the end of the day she leaves the town alone so they can have a safe place. Spider-Woman decides to be the bigger woman and lets them be. However she does say that if she sees any more trouble she will report them to the police. However at the end of the day the person that contacted her, Ben doesn’t print the story. See the reason he told her about it was due to the fact that it could help the Daily Bugle with an exclusive story, since newspapers aren’t doing as well these days. But even he realizes printing this story would ruin them, so instead he offers her some other missing people she can help. And with that, Spider-Woman has found her spot in life.

Armor Wars #001:

More Secret Wars. Hooray. It’s not a bad thing mind you but it’s just the sheer amount of Secret Wars, there is a TON of Secret Wars. And basically what each one does is to show how each BattleWorld is. Oh right… I should explain Secret Wars… Basically regular Marvel-Verse and Ultimate Verse crashed together and go wrecked and destroyed. In the end only Doctor Doom of all people could save them and is their god. People serve him and praise him because he did fix them, and each place is owned by whom Doom decides. Which that should also give some more contexts to Renew Your Vows since that’s part of Secret Wars as well. As of this moment I’m not entirely certain what is happening in Secret Wars myself unfortunately. I uh… kinda forgot to get Secret Wars #1 and 2… but I have 3? Yay?

But this is Armor Wars, not Secret Wars, although Armor Wars takes place in Secret Wars. Got all that? Anyway in this particular region of Battleworld 65% of it is owned by Tony Stark the other percent is owned by his brother who kinda seems like a dick but we haven’t seen much of yet. However for this region you have to have a power suit or you’ll die. They haven’t explained why yet, if it’s because of the air or if it’s because of the fact they all have metal in their chests and will die otherwise or what. It’s a little confusing and wouldn’t mind some more information. However Tony’s brother kills this version of Spider-Man who had stolen some important information from him and didn’t want anyone to know. But the cops don’t know that so it’s a murder mystery! Maybe we’ll find out more next issue?

Future Imperfect #1:

Maestro infiltrates one of the sects that oppose him and passes himself off as Odin that way he can get himself into their base easily. That’s about what happens for this issue. I mean it’s interesting but not terribly much to write about sadly, aside from we find out that Maestro is in control of this region and that we’re gearing up for a Thing versus Maestro fight. It’s an interesting issue but uh… sadly not much to write about. At least not for me.

Groot #1:

I am Groot. Groot. Am. I. Groot gets his own comic series! And it’s pretty entertaining honestly, it covers Groot and Rocket Raccoon’s travels as Groot tries to get to Earth because he’s never been and would like to see it. Maybe interact with some other trees as well. It’s honestly kind of fun, but it mainly consists of a bunch of their mistravels as they try to get to Earth, they get blown up, the version that they hitchhiked with left them in the middle of space. Aliens trying to conquer space pick them up and try to fool them into thinking they’re normal humans as well. However my favorite part is where they meet up with a parody of Super Man, steal his escape pod for him and use it for themselves thus killing Super Man. Honestly it was kinda great and tongue in cheek. However then it doesn’t go perfectly for them sadly, as Groot’s bounty is much higher than Rocket Racoon’s and someone decides to take the bounty on Groot’s head. It doesn’t go well for RR or Groot sadly with Groot getting the stuffing beaten out of him. So RR gives Groot his jetpack to try and make it so he can get away since RR got captured and then get help. It may be hard for that however since all Groot can say is I, and Am, and Groot.

Secret Wars #3:

I have no context as to what’s happening! Because as I said I don’t have 1 & 2 so I haven’t read it yet! I do hope I’ll be getting a copy of both soon however. But Doom tried to make it that no one knew remembered the previous worlds that way it would make it better for everyone (is my guessing) so they didn’t worry (or think about) the previous days so they wouldn’t attempt to overthrow Viktor Von Doom. This would explain why Susan Storm is with Doom for some reason yeah that was strange… but it turns out not everyone forgot, mainly the people that did technically survive the worlds colliding and exploding inside of the escape pods they have? Yeah… not sure what those are as I said. However while they were in the pods/stasis apparently 8 years have passed. I pretty much have no clue what’s going on aside from that all the various forms of Thors are Dooms personal army and when something happens he doesn’t like he sends them off. And it’s hard to kill Thor, but someone did. So we try to find out who did and it seems like Thanos and crew.

Sonic Universe #76:

So here it is. Worlds unite. And we’re only just getting started, this issue primarily lays the ground work for what’s going to happen as we find out that Sigma for some reason has access to the Genesis wave and can use it to go where he wants. For whatever reason he decides to go to Eggman and have him make him a body? Even though Eggman’s from the past? Yeah… that part doesn’t make terribly much sense actually. We also get to see that the Blue Bomber’s home is doing better with him and the other Doc Light robots fixing everything up which is nice. We of course see that Eggman and Wily plan to turn against Sigma, since Sigma stole Wily and brought him to Eggman. More on that later since there’s a potential for something interesting but that’s next issue. We also find out Sigma loves his backup plans, see this was going to be the story of Sonic Lost World until Sigma came in, so Eggman had the Zeti under his control. But as you may or may not know Zeti can control machinery so they do after Sigma has Eggman and Wily built them armor that makes their machinery controlling powers more powerful and control Sigma. However… Sigma had a backup plan and makes it so the armor that powers them up is always a mind control device for Sigma. Pretty sneaky. And this issue ends with Sonic and Megaman both abducted by the Zeti and brought back to Sigma, which we’ll find out what happens to them next issue.

Sonic Boom #8:

So after Sigma escaped X and Zero found Silver, and are trying to teleport to where Sigma is but their technology for this isn’t nearly as good. So they teleported into Sonic Boom land, just to bring Sticks with them and not the rest of the Boom crew. For whatever reason. We also see that Eggman and Wily plan to turn Sonic and MegaMan into robots/ robot masters, but we also find out that in Worlds Collide that the Genesis wave wiped the events of that out of the memory of the MegaMan Universe but not the Sonic one. So Wily doesn’t remember Eggman at all or how Eggman tried to kill Thomas Light, which was even too much for Wily. They also plan for them to sabotage Sigma, and that when Sonic and MegaMan meet in robo form they fight each other and free one another. Basically just setting up the world for next couple of issues. And I can’t wait.

Secret Wars Battleworld #2:

So I actually like Secret Wars Battleworld but it’s kind of hard to talk about without spoiling the whole danged issue. See Battleworld follows a story or two on what’s going on in Battleworld. For the first one we have Howard the Duck and Blade fighting it out because Blade is killing a Vampire as he does but it’s a vampire duck. And Howard being that adorable little scamp he is decides it’s racist against ducks and decides to intervene. I love Howard. Long story short they win and a different vampire hunter kills Drakula instead since Howard and Blade was fighting his army. The second story shows that there’s a Roman Coliseum deal going on in this Battleworld where loser gets eaten by zombies. Yeah it’s about as dark and grim as you can imagine but also interesting since it has General Thaddeus Ross as War Machine, actually quite interesting and would recommend picking it up.

X-Tinction Agenda #1:

…I don’t have much clue what’s happening with this one, I feel like there was some backstory that I need to know, but at the same time I don’t since with Secret Wars most people memories were reset so I have no clue. But we have some X-Men trying to stop a riot and a disease spreading through Genova that’s hurting mutants and then we have other X-Men that are away from there and won’t give them any help for some reason. It’s… confusing and I don’t quite get it. I think once I get some more context it’ll make sense but maybe not. Also Dr.Doom is a dick and won’t help them even though he probably could since he’s the ruler of everywhere right now.

Year of Future Past #1:

Years of Future Past is… interesting we find out that the majority of mutants have been hunted to extinction and if they haven’t then they’re forced to wear a collar that deactivates their powers. Kitty Pyrde and Colossus got married and had a child. As did Wolverine apparently. Had a child not got married to Kitty however we don’t know whom he married, but we have some parts of the government that wish to help the mutants and others that don’t. See if the people vote to overthrow the law against mutants then mutants could be free again, but enough people don’t want that to happen. However Kitty and Colossus’s child Christina can stop a plan to kill the president of their Battleworld and hope to convince people that they do want to help. So they find a way to remove the collars and burst out of where they’re being held and take down one Sentinel. However at the end of the issue we find out there’s a newer more powerful Sentinel that looks an awfully lot like Doom. We also have Blob and Mystique fighting against this rag tag group since two people from the government lied and said they’re the reasons they’ve been unconscious for 15 years.

The Infinity Gauntlet #1:

We have another issue that raises more question than it answers and we’ll probably get more answers before it’s done! Oh boy! That being said I really don’t have a problem with that, it just makes it more difficult for me to talk about. Now then onto the actual issue. Bugs have invaded this Battleworld, nearly everyone is dead except for one Nova Corps family, just trying to make it day by day in the this Hellish world as bugs try to kill everything. However at the end of the issue the mom comes back after having been gone for so many years, and her daughter found an infinity stone, however Thanos was watching the family as saw that. At the moment it seems Nova Corps mom has two stones while Thanos has one.

Old Man Logan #1:

In this we have Logan take out an entire gang and kill them; we also have a little boy try to kill Logan because Logan killed his dad. Secret Wars is weird but interesting so… keep at it I guess. We find out that Logan found a way to kill Bruce Banner as well and did somehow, since in this world the majority of people seem to be scumbags. Logan did save Bruce’s kid however, a baby Hulk as he felt it wasn’t right to murder a child (I assume since that wasn’t in this issue) we also see Miss Frost die unfortunately, since in her old age she can’t seem to control her mutant powers as well and wasn’t able to Diamond up. We also have an Ultron head just sticking around in the middle of this Battleworld for some reason and Logan plans to find out why.

Secret Wars Journal #1:

We have more Secret Wars here. One about characters I don’t recognize trying to steal Dr.Doom’s treasure although we don’t know what that is. It’s entertaining to see how all the characters interact in different situations even if you don’t recognize them. Then we have one where if they go out at night the locals transform due to pledging allegiance Khonshu which transforms them into a beast at night. I’m not entirely certain what’s happening in either of these stories.

Secret Wars 2099 #1:

For this one we get to see what the Avengers of 2099 looks like which consists of Black Widow 2099, Captain America 2099, Iron Man 2099, Hercules and Hawkeye 2099 for some reason Miguel O’Hara is in charge of Alchemax instead of being Spider-Man 2099, maybe that’ll happen next issue. As it kind of just introduces them, I’m not sure if for any of the Secret Wars issues if we’ll get much context since I believe at most aside from the main one it’s supposed to be 4 issues only. I guess we’ll see?

My Little Pony – Friends Forever #17:

Last one guys for this roundup. And man I hope Secret Wars ends soon. This took me two weeks. An entire two weeks! Most of the time it’ll take me a few days (probably doesn’t help that I’m in the process of moving of course) but let’s get on to this issue! It was pretty interesting to me.

So with this issue we have Twilight being Twilight and over worrying about a problem instead of working on something else and figuring out the problem then. Silly Twilly! So she decides to go off after none other than Big Mac since he seems like a pretty sensible colt doing so much work in a day and not having many problems. However since Big Mac isn’t a very talkative colt beyond, yup and nope she has to get creative!

I uh… didn’t really need to include that honestly but I like that music video series and wanna spread it… any.. anyways.

So she uses a spell that lets her go into Big Macs head and see that he has multiple personalities one where he talks and talks and talks and can’t stop talking, helpful Big Mac, smart Big Mac, rude Big Mac, curious Big Mac and sullen Big Mac, along with I’m sure of plentitude of sir not appearing in this issue. But then the Big Macs go inside Twillys head and see she doesn’t have anything sorted. And that she does need to stop focusing so dang much and come back to it later! And it seems to help her! I actually wouldn’t mind coming back to the world of Big Mac…

As always thanks for reading! And if you’re interested in doing the podcast drop a line! Now I’m gonna go move some stuff…

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