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A quick E3 no picture lazy blog of my feelings



-Uncharted 4 (of course)

-Star Wars Battlefront- didn’t know too much about the game but their entire presentation and gameplay impressed me into hype

-Half of everything Nintendo-

The Mario and Luigi x Paper Mario was amazing. Like combining two of my favorite series together to an awesome looking 3DS game that has brought me so much joy is just UNF

-Star Fox Zero literally put a tear in my eye seeing Corneria in HD and all the amazing changes done

-Trifroce Heroes looks super fun and has online multiplayer though I rather play it with friends

-Yoshi Wooly World ALL DAY

-FFVII Remake about time they made this though not as good as FFIX or IV but whatever. People will finally play it and realize its alright, won’t cry like its FFVIICC, and it will be TLOU ps4 HD all over again mad people want and overhype it and they don’t buy it

-KH3 cause yes

-Xbox One had some cool stuff can’t remember everything though ;D


-Rare bundle

-Metroid Prime 3DS hunters game

-SMT x FE (I really want this game the trailer just wasn’t as good as the first one)

-Halo 5 (disappointing)


-KH Mobile (I hate anything mobile)

- Hyrule Warriors 3DS why remake a terribly sold game that was not fun on the Wii U for the 3DS or is the future library that empty?

- Tangled World but hey at least not Frozen

-Halo 5 no split screen

-Everything else I don’t carea bout

- It'd be cool to find me on Youtube GAMEMEN / SNBGaming64 and waste your time watching guides and couch co-op <3 thanks.

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