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The cards have spoken: Your E3 2015 wishes predicted!


Welcome back to the Velvet Room - a place between mind and matter, between dream and reality. I have called you back here because you left an E3 wish with me and I wanted to let you know what the cards revealed regarding them.

Do keep in mind that positive or negative, what the cards say is not a future set in stone, just as things revealed at an E3 show do not always come to pass themselves. Sometimes men turn to children and phantoms are blown to dust. Sometimes one's final fantasy becomes another's later or shared by more than one. What I can tell you for certain is that many peoples' bodies are readied for what's to come.

Each prediction of each wish was made using a five card spread. The first card represents the general theme of the prediction, the second past influences still having and effect, the third card looks to the future, the fourth card looks into the reason of your wish and the fifth will reveal the potential of that wish

For a reference to the meanings of the major arcana of the tarot, click here.

Now let us review the results of your readings...

Also, I'm dropping the Persona/Elizabeth schtick right here. I just can't make it work for the rest of the blog. 

Orlion - "I wish that Dark Souls 3 will be directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki."

Cards drawn: Reverse Justice, Strength, Priestess, Judgement, The Sun

Prediction: Unlikely

Justice represents contractual obligations in some respects and the reversal of the card may imply Miyazaki is not interested in returning. Strength suggests, however, this might not be something to be concerned about as Dark Souls III will retain the challenge of its predecessors. The presence of Priestess says you can expect this game to build on the knowledge you already have of From Software's games and Judgement thinks whoever directs the game will keep it faithful to the original director's vision.

Finally the Sun rises and is cause for much praise. This will be a game you can sink your teeth into and enjoy as profoundly as the first. 

Gaknight - "I wish The Last Guardian comes out for the PS4 and is good."

Cards drawn: Magician, reverse Sun, Empress, reverse Judgement, Strength

Prediction: The cards say yes, but it may not be what you hope it to be.

The Last Guardian has been on a long journey, as the Magician agrees and the reversed Sun represents the many troubled steps the game's development has seen. The Empress suggests that there is still potential to be had and it may give rise to a new era for Team Ico, but reversed Judgement also maintains that it is the end of the old era and that there were many problems along the way and the Strength card says the team overcame these obstacles

GoofierBrute - "I wish Nintendo would release an Earthbound trilogy collection that includes Mother 3 and uses the fan translation."

Cards drawn: Tower, reverse Death, reverse Heirophant, reverse Star, reverse Devil

PredictionEarthbound trilogy will not be a thing.

The Tower represents disruption, so no trilogy collection but Death suggests this is a good, if miserly, thing on Nintendo's part. They want you to buy them all sepearately and digitally. The reversed Hierophant suggests NIntendo is just doing this for a PR win, though, not because the eShop release sold well enough for them. 

A reversed Devil, however, suggests that this is a good thing and may revitalize the series. 

TheGentleGamer, Hyper Buster Lemon Cannon: "I wish Platinum Games would release a good sequel to either Vanquish, God Hand, or both!"

Cards drawn:Temperance, reverse Chariot, Fortune, reverse Death, reverse Tower

Prediction: Platinum Games will announce a new, exclusive IP bringing the two together

The presence of Temperence suggests Platinum wasn't able to pull God Hand from Capcom's clutches, but also that it may try to blend it's ideas with Vanquish. As much hard work was put into these games, reverse Chariot says this new game will work hard to try to remain faithful to the ideas of those titles and Fortune says this will step up Platinum's game quite notably.

Reverse Death suggests Platinum Games couldn't continue with the ideas of either game as they were, leading to this comingling of guns, power slides and fisticuff A reverse Tower says there will be new ideas that change things forever.

Luna Sy - "I wish the new PS4 model is as slim as the chance of another Yakuza game coming overseas."

Cards drawn: Death, reverse Fortune, Chariot, reverse Priestess, Temperance

Prediction: Nope, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Death returns upright this time, promising fresh change for PS4, possibly in the form of a price drop. Sony has been stubborn about price drops so early, but reversed Fortune suggests this long-running practice is at an end. The Chariot says this will bring Sony more suceess. While the reverse Empress understands why you want these things they may not be necessary and Temperance suggests all will come in good time. Yakuza's return might not be by Sega's hand, however.

SeymourDuncan17 - I wish for the Persona 5 badge to indicate more than just an English release of the previous trailer... or nothing at all. I want a full-fledged reveal, because maybe ATLUS knows how sizable of an audience Persona has in the US.

Cards drawn: Reverse Fool, reverse Chariot, reverse Temperance, World, Justice

Prediction: Duh.

The reversed Fool wonders why you even asked. Atlus will show what is already known with a new trailer and the badge will reflect some of this. Reverse Chariot knows Atlus loves to play the long game, dripping out details as slowly as they can toward the release of a game. Reverse Temperence says you'll get another small taste or Persona 5, but that Atlus has other priorites such as Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold, Lost Dimensions, Illusory Revelations #FE and Persona 4: Dancing All Night to hype up as well.

The World says what is shown of Persona 5 will be met will much love and success, Atlus fans will gobble it up. Justice says it should be pleasing enough to hold fans over for the next few months. 

Script - "I wish for a new Mega Man game made by Nintendo or another great developer."

Cards drawn: Reverse Strength, Devil, reverse Death, reverse Star, Lovers

Prediction: No

Reverse Strength says Capcom is going to stick to their guns an ignore the series and the Devil says they'll horde it away with other IPs they're ignoring or pushing onto mobile phones. Death says the future of the series will remain as stagnant as we know it while the reverse Star suggests we may just have to sigh and accept it.

The presence of The Lovers says fans will choose new games to replace the series

Rudorlf - "I wish Gabe would come out on stage and either announce or cancel Half-Life 3. "

Cards drawn:  Reverse Chariot, reverse Fool, reverse Empress, reverse Hanged Man, Hermit

Prediction: You're gonna be waiting a while longer

The reverse Chariot askes you to be patient as Valve plays things close to the chest and only creates what they feel like. The reversed Fool, however, says they've put a lot of energy into poor decisions with their service and this may be part of what is holding their creative energy back. The Empress agrees and says it may be a while longer still. You don't want to hear the reversed Hanged Man say it, but its going to be business as usual with Valve. 

The Hermit says it will be worth it, though.

Cannibal Steven, GaruSlicer - "My E3 wish would have to be the unveiling of a new Metroid game (Wii U or 3DS)."

Cards drawn: Hanged Man, reverse Priestess, Empress, Temperance, reverse Justice

Prediction: Yes, because Nintendo wants to wash that bad Other M taste out of your mouth

The upright Hanged Man says Yoshio Sakamoto won't be returning to the series and the 2D game will not be directed by him, but by new faces. The reverse Priestess suggests this is due to a lack of understanding on Sakamoto's part, as well as lack og interest. The Empress says there may be more than one adventure for Samus Aran in the oven. Temperence says you will get what you want but reverse Justice says it might come with an annoying change as well. 

Dreamweaver - "Will E3 somehow get me laid?"

Cards drawn: Reverse Empress, reverse Chariot, Death, reverse Temperance, reverse Magician

Prediction: No. 

The reverse Empress says no one is going to sleep with you over a videogame trade show. The reverse Chariot says it takes you too long to get to the destination. Death says in the future another basis aside from E3 may bring you greater success, but reverse Temperance suggests you need to stay focused on whomever it is you find that is willing. The reverse Magician says you'll have  to stop beating yourself off... er, I mean, beating yourself up too much. 

Chist - "My E3 wish is for good computers to become significantly cheaper."

Cards drawn: Reverse tower, reverse Sun, Hanged Man, Star, reverse Emperor

Prediction:  Something might change the game.

According to the reverse Tower, a drastic change in the PC market is going ot have to occur for things to get cheaper. The reverse Sun says this is because manufacturers like things as they are now. The Hanged man, however, suggests Steam Machines may force them to change and The Star says to look in that direction for it might one day bear cheaper parts. 

The Emperor says don't trust nVidia to play ball right away, though.

n0signal - "Red Dead (Something), current gen sequel."

Cards drawn: Tower, reverse Death, reverse temperance, Emperor, Hierophant

Prediction: Not any time soon.

While it may feel long ago, Grand Theft Auto V is still a very recent game and the Tower says don't hope for any news about Red Dead Redemption. Reverse Death suggests that as with past Rockstar games, they're still creating content for GTA V, such as standalone expansions and reverse Temperance says this is why you won't hear news of a new RDR soon. The Emperor shares your stong desire to see this series return and the Hierophant says you will get a game just as good as before, if not greater.

OverlordZetta - Digimon Vita

Cards drawn: Death, Moon, Star, reverse Emperor, Strength

Prediction: Perhaps, but not at E3.

Death suggests that Namco-Bandai sees the potential for a release in the west as Vita fans are thirsty for more retail content, but the Moon says since Sony doesn't care to say anything about Vita at E3, don't get your hopes up this week. The Star says put your hopes in a future announcement. That said, the reversed Emperor is suspicious of the direction the seires might go. Digimon has been known to do things Pokémon won't, but they may not be good things.

Finally Strength feels this might end up being a digital relase and may come later than sooner.


Retrofraction - Jet Set Radio Future HD

Cards drawn: Reverse Strength, Emperor, Reverse Fool, Star, Hierophant

Prediction: Sega doesn't understand the concept of love.

Free love is too tame for Sega. Reverse Strength says expect nothing in this regard. The Emperor says Sega feels Jet Set Radio HD didn't sell well enough to warrant a remaster of its lovely Xbox sequel. The Fool says that instead you should expect them to remaster something that sold even more poorly and watch in surprise as it doesn't do well. The Star understands your love and suggest that you may have to turn to indie games to see more games of JSRF's like.

The Hierophant says to learn from the past and just not trust Sega with anything.

Vxxyman - "I wish Capcom would actually make Megaman Legends 3."

Cards drawn: Reverse Moon, reverse Temperance, Death, Priestess, Fortune

Prediction: Expect more fan tributes instead.

The reverse Moon says you should accept this is a dead game, beloved as MML might be. reverse Temperance says it was indeed hastily cancelled due to the initially slow adoption of the 3DS and Death suggests that Monster Hunter is the new normal for Capcom on 3DS. The Priestess known this desire was made in good taste and faith but the presence of Fortune says the development cycle is at an end and never resuming.

Elsa - "MAG 2 announcement.

Cards Drawn: Reverse Fortune, Chariot, reverse Empress, reverse Priestess, reverse Magician

Prediction: Don't get your hopes up.

Reverse Fortune says there are no plans for the MAG series at this time and while the Chariot feels it is a game that came into it's own in the long run the reversed Empress says a new game won't be budgeted or greenlighted yet. The Reverse Priestess wanted it as much as you did, appreciating MAG's design.  The reverse Magician says you will have to wait a while longer

Kim Jong-il - "I wish for you."

Cards drawn: Reverse Lovers, World, Magician, Reverse Star, Moon

Prediction: Not happening

That's sweet, but I'm a lesbian. I don't need the cards to predict this outcome but let's see what the cards say all the same. 

Reverse Lovers says you're going to find someone more compatible and The World will tell you there are plenty of fish in the sea, as you've undoubtedly heard before. The Magician says you should level up your Social Links and the reverse Star says you'll just have to get over me.

The Moon says it was a nice dream, but only that.

Batthink - "I wish that the world will see an Akira open-world videogame made by Rockstar."

Cards drawn: Star, reverse Fool, reverse World, Tower, Justice

Prediction: Rockstar is certainly working on an open world game, at least.

The Star confirms your hopes of a new open world game from Rockstar. Reverse Fool was all like, "Well, yeah, that's all they ever do." Reverse World says they probably won't change up to a new IP over what they have now, though. The Tower agress the chaotic universe of Akira would be a marvel of open world gaming but Justice says that Rockstar probably won't be able to buy the license. 

Robo Panda Z: - "Can we get a new Ogre Battle?"

Cards drawn: Reverse World, reverse Priestess, Hermit, reverse Temperance, Empress

Prediction:: Look To Matsuno's future for that.

The reversed World card says expecting a new Ogre game from Square-Enix is like getting a black chocobo from breeding - its probably not going to happen. They've owned the Orge IP for several years now and The Priestess reminds us they've hardly used it. A remake fo Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together was the last time an Ogre game happened. The Hermit, however, reminds us that Matsuno is still working on Unsung Story after his Kickstarter last year. Reverse Temperance says knows you're waiting for something in this vein it it you'll just have to wait a bit longer

The Empress believes Unsung Story will be a prosperous game and may lead to something more akin to Ogre Battle in the future. Let's just hope they don't call it, Unsung Battle: We Will Rock You. It's a bit too on-the-nose, even for a Queen Song used as a subtitle.

And with that, it is time to close my wish compendium and for you all to return to your own world to see if the predictions of the cards ring true. .

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