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Im back again! (LETS GET HYPED)


Dang got a new job and my Internet goes down for almost two weeks and the site has completely changed again.

Either a lot of people have changed their portraits or there is a TON of new and interesting people posting blogs and really doing a wonderful job at it.

I apologize if I have been quiet lately... between work and sleep I have not had too much time to do stuff except play though Splatoon :D Which if you own a Wii U you should really give that game a try. I really respect the team that made that game as there are ever more reasons to check and log into that game every day. If there was a combination of PSO and a FPS, literally Splatoon is it.

 I forgot how much I liked drawing graffiti. Which is one of the feature I spent a ton of time in Jet Set Radio doing. (yes I was poor and did not have the Xbox, so yes I played this game more than JSRF and while I totally understand from a technical standpoint why the second one is better I do enjoy the first one more.)

But I guess what would really get me hyped is to see Smilebit rebuilt into a new studio that will devlop the next Jet Set Radio game.

I would love to see the gang brought back together for another go because where the technology currently holds really could make a game where the whole world is cell-shaded. (software wise, not static textures which was the biggest complaint I heard from people that played the remastered version of JSR)

In this day and age of Rockstar making whole worlds for GTA5, wouldn't it be cool if you could do Jet Set Radio for the whole main island of Japan? Then add online connectivity to the world with graffiti and a whole new social aspect that would be like what people are dreaming from in Sword Art Online and you could really have a crazy awesome game.

Thats what would really get me hyped!

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