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Tell me your E3 wishes and let us see what the cards reveal...


Welcome to the Velvat Room. This is a place that exists between mind and matter, between dream and reality. 

My, there sure are a lot of you here. This is a momentous occasion indeed!

You seem like rather unusual guests. It is strange that so many visitors have arrived and my master is not present. You don't seem to have a reason to be here. No grand journey of discovery awaits you, I'm afraid, and you're not facing any sort of great peril in your life. I wonder what could have brought you here...

What's that? You want to see what the cards say regarding E3 and your videogame wishes?

I have heard about these things. E3 is the grand festival where thousands of intrepid merchants, reporters and executives gather together and dance and sing for three days as they worship plumbers, space marines, vault dwellers and the raiders of tombs. And then at the end of each day, they gather for drinks and moments of wild passion!

Something like that, yes?

As for videogames, I have been to your world and seen these! They are the things where cheese wheels spring to life to devour ghosts, where young men and women find love on the battlefield, where people scream at dragons and men adorn themselves in cardboard to infiltrate enemy bases! And all for the price of a quarter to $59.99!

I have tried some of them, though the master does not allow me to bring them back here. The long-nosed one insists they would distract me from my duties and I suppose it is my duty to see what the cards have to say about your wishes

We'll do a five card spread - but I ask you only relay your most meaningful E3 wish and let me predict the outcome of that one. I will give you until Saturday, June 13th 11PM EST to express your wish. I will then record the results in my compedium present them this Sunday.

Now, tell me your wish.

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