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Video Game Music Compilation 44 - The Touhou Special!


I did a VGMC way back when about the music from the good ole Touhou Project and all of those related games, and while I didn't initially plan for the second part to be so far behind the first. If you're interested in the first I will gladly have it linked below! Keep in mind that I've never played a Touhou game (but will eventually. They look amazing), so I can only speak for the music pieces themselves. Now, without further ado, here is VGMC 44!

U.N. Owen was Her? - Touhou

With such an intense feeling of epicness having a supreme sense of sinisterness oozing out of everything, it's no wonder I'd get the chills listening to this. The beautiful composition portrays it's tone via the use of layers and note relationships. It's as if all the melodies and rifts seem to speak and sing together. When I think about it that way it makes the whole piece seem more jovial.

Nue's Theme - UFO

This theme just makes you feel like you're being toyed with by someone important. It's violent, bold, and booming, and it works so well. The orchestra just blares so loud so well. The moments that truly shine, however, are the ones where the booming orchestra stops, leaving only a beautiful piano speaking in it's absence. It's so surprisingly elegant in comparison to the rest of the piece, which is loud and emotional. Despite the booming-ness of it all it's still well composed, with it's melodies crafting the perfect atmosphere of danger and sophistication.

Romance in the Sky - UFO

This is piece is just beautiful. It's got a style of jazziness that I really adore, with masterful trumpets (one of my favorite instruments) and beautiful as always pianos (another one of my favorite instruments). It's so… enchanting. It's melodies of trumpets and pianos are well supported by the sounds of laughter, lasers, and crashing cymbals. I just can't help but snap along with it sometimes, just to try and jazzy up the jazziness of it all. It's elegance is less violent and more lighthearted than the last piece, which is a great thing setting the two apart.

Kumoi's Theme (The Traditional Old Man and the Stylish Girl) - UFO

Oh me oh my, what an enchanting flute. It's fast pace is enforced by the blazing drums and piano layers, with the flute, guitar, synth layers forcing a more relaxed and soothing pace. Either way you sure do feel like you're soaring in the sky, right?! There's a particular sense of freedom expressed in this piece, and that's probably what makes me enjoy it so much. It's charm is in the beautiful and oh so memorable flute melodies. Just take a listen and experience what I mean.

Murasa's Theme (Captain Murasa) - UFO

Here's the song that spawned my love for trumpets. The powerful, speeding guitar behind the emotional violins and bold trumpets? Masterful. The elegance of the piano? Fits in just perfectly with the very fast pace of the piece. This piece of sad, upsetting, violent, beautiful, and very well composed. The way all of the instruments dance around each other's notes and melodies? Superb. It seems to tell the tail of a sailor, with the atmosphere of the ocean and sea being very strong. I honestly can't help but let myself drown in this one. It's only my favorite Touhou piece (with Necrofantasia as a close second) after all.

Well there you have it, more of the beauty that is the Touhou soundtrack. You might as well check out the whole OST, but before you do you can read my first VGMC on Touhou HERE.

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