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Video Game Music Compilation 43 - The Bill Kiley Special!


Out of all the amazing VGM composers in the world, I can't help but have a unique love for one named Bill Kiley. He's just so good! With tones ranging from sinister and dangerous to heartwarming and tranquil, how could one not admire his songs? Well one amazing thing he did was come out with an album called MAGICABIN. MAGICABIN is amazing, but not from any game… or so I thought. It's all his original work, but I'm assuming he let people use his music from there into a few games. Now excuse me while I cannot let you directly play the music from this blog, but I have to link either through Bill's bandcamp (which you should TOTALLY check out), so there's my reason.

Milky Land - A Kitty Dream
Ah, can't you just feel the waves wash over you? Feels good, doesn't it? The gentle, somewhat ambient chip-tune feels so oddly organic. It crafts an atmosphere that is perfect for making you feel like you're in a surreal world of tranquility. Things like the waves reflects the world and it's oceans. It's oddly oppressive if you let it get to you. It's oddly sad, and kind of lonely. It feels like a good loneliness though.

Forest Moon - A Kitty Dream
Amongst the ambience of chip-tune are the sounds of the forest. Birds are chirping, water is dripping. It all tries to immerse you into a sense of serenity. It somehow feels natural, as if it's trying to showcase the beauty of nature's sounds. The long, drawn out base notes are great highlights for the tone, which is that which portrays the sense of personal journey.

The Wind Through Your Fur - A Kitty Dream
What a fitting end credits theme for a game with so many slow, ambient pieces. It's lovely, summarizing the whole feeling of the game and it's journey. The core melody is slow, but it'll stick with you. It makes the whole experience of the game (that the player would currently be reflecting upon) feel so much more grand. It's lovable. If you wait long enough you can just drown in the emotions of closure and completion. It feels like satisfaction and reward. If anything the game is worth beating just for this theme alone.

The Red Room- A Kitty Dream
If the last piece is worth beating the game over, then this one is worth just playing it! Being easily the most structured piece out of the whole game's OST, it's no surprise that it has extremely catchy melodies and memorable parts. Its fast pace works well with the almost Indiana Jones style of action packed adventure the melodies instill. The moments when the organs play is a perfect way to change the pacing, and works well at enforcing and hyping up the upcoming danger. It's a very well composed song, doing its job well as not only music but as a piece of VGM.

Waterfall - The Valley Rule
The senses of innocence and mystery are strong with this one. Its use of echoing effects on each of the notes and sound bits works so well with The Valley Rule, as the entire game takes place in a cave system. The dripping of water, rushing of water, and croaking of frogs fits well with the game's cave system, which is filled with what looks like milk. It's keen sense of mystery leads to a tone of investigation, journey, and discovery. The atmosphere this crafts makes me want to explore, learn, and enjoy. It's memorable and beautiful.

Mana Secret - Dream Hopper
Oh man, now for some true bliss. It's a little blank up until 40 seconds in, so just wait it out or skip through. Now you're at the good part. The flutes, chimes, and reverb is surreal. Welcome to a world of magic, wonders, and imagination! The world of Dream Hopper is already all of these things, but without this piece the world would probably feel so empty. The masterful composition is so catchy, elegant, and memorable. Ever want a song to make you feel like you were hopping around on the clouds, or swimming in the sky?

Now when It all comes dow not it these songs are all just different frequencies of the air moving, but I can't help but find it amazing how they can make me feel a certain way. Music is truly a magical, and beautiful thing. It's makes me happy that we have such good music in our video games, made by such beautiful VGM composers such as Bill. Thanks man.

Also, as you people may have noticed, all of the songs he did for Pause Ahead are not here. Well that's because they're so good  I put them in the very first VGMC! That's right, his music also inspired thsi huge series I have going now! Isn't that rad?!

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