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Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Awareness


Well it's nearly that time again, Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta time! And if you haven't heard of it I'm going to try my best to tell you about it as well as raise awareness. The FFVFJF is a game runthrough of FFV that happens every summer, however this runthrough is a little different as you have to choose how you want to play the game. You can make it more difficult (in fact their is some more difficulty than their would be otherwise no matter what) or stupid difficult. But it's for a good cause, as they raise money for charity. Now you may be asking yourself how they raise money for charity? Well let's get more into the speciffics of the run it self.

The four job fiesta is just that, you get four jobs randomly chosen and don't have access to any other jobs throughout the game, now this can change a little bit. If you're doing a no restrictions run you can slap the four jobs on whoever you want in your party, say you got Black Mage, Mystic Knight, Bard and Berserker? You can ONLY use those jobs however, you can take Bard skills and throw them onto your berserker or however you want. Unless you're doing a natural crystal run, a natural crystal run means whatever the fire, wind, earth, and water Crystal are chosen HAS to go to their speciffic party member and you can't mix and match or change. You also have to remain a freelancer until you get your job. So say you get to the wind crystal, defeat the first boss, and get White Mage as your randomly chosen class. Only Butz can be White Mage as the air crystal is assigned to him. No changing classes, no letting any of your any party members being white mages as well.

Now these are the pretty basic rules as their is a TON of options to choose from, and I'll let you guys look over it at the FFVFJF webpage: FOUR JOB FIESTA however I will mention one last thing, in case you don't like the idea of being stuck with a job. Remember how this goes for charity? Well you can donate to change your class, although it is still random so may be something worse or better. Either way I highly recommend participating in this! I did last year and it was a lot of fun for what I consider to be one of the best Final Fantasy games. I hope to see you all there! If you have other questions I can answer by the way feel free to ask! And remember! This is for a good cause!

My twitch channel for during the fiesta if anyone's interested: lokik21's twitch

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