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More Kick Ass Art: FanimeCon Part 1


Fanimecon was last weekend and I am still exhausted from it. I have never done a full weekend at a convention before and this took a bit of a toll on me. Four days is a bit much for me to be on my feet, but in the end it was all worth it because I had a fantastic time.

I wrote a bit about my experience last year in my last blog and this year I decided to try and experience as much as possible. I also brought a friend with me for a couple of days which was great as well as he had never been to a convention before.

So to start off with, I got all sorts of new art prints this year. I gave myself a set budget on the amount of money I was gonna spend on stuff this year and of course in my impulse buying fashion I spent twice that much on the first day. There were lots of great artists there this year and since my knowledge in games and Anime have increased in the past year, there was all sorts of stuff I wanted to get.

Everyone seemed to think the prints I got last year were pretty cool, so I figured I'd go ahead and also show off the ones I got this year. I did my best to look up and remember all the artists that I got prints from this year but I couldn't quite get all of them so please forgive me for that.

So to start with is this adorable Ninja Turtles one by Potatobuns. I saw this and just thought it was too adorable to pass up.

These next two are paintings by a guy who goes by Hyperbooster. This Metal Gear Solid one of all the different Snakes caught my eye as I passed by his booth.

Also this amazing Thundercats one was too awesome to pass up.

This Devil May Cry one by KentaroPJJ is one of my favorites.

He also did this Persona 4 one. I've finally just about beaten Persona 4 so I've been pretty hooked on it.

These next 3 are by Kamaniki who also did some of the Final Fantasy and Zelda ones from my last blog. After getting her Final Fantasy VII and IX ones last year, I had to add this FFX one to my collection.

I also just recently beat Kingdom Hearts 2 for the first time so I was all about this Kingdom Hearts one.

On top of those, this Ryouko and Satsuki from Kill La Kill were hard to pass up as well,

These next 3 by xdplushie are amazing. This first Super Smash Bros. one was phenomenal.

I just recently got into Gurren Lagann, so this Yoko caught my eye.

Also this Mako in her Two Start Uniform was pretty awesome as well.

These next 3 are by Baimonart who also did the awesome Team Rocket in my last blog. I love his art style so I wanted to grab a couple more of his. This Ryouko and Satsuki one was pretty great.

I really like this Mako one. It's definitely one of my favorites from this year.

Also this Gurren Lagann one is fantastic.

These next two Kill La Kill ones are by Konoe. Did you guys figure out that I love Kill la Kill? I sorta made it a point this year to get some Kill la Kill prints and such these two were a must get. this first one of Ryouko and Mako is just super cute.

This one of the Elite Four is pretty great as well. Gamagoori is one of my favorite characters.

I have to say that this Majora's Mask one by Alex Chui may be my favorite one of the bunch. I just love the color and detail of this one.

This next Persona 4 one by onemegawatt was the first thing I saw when I walked into the Artist hall and was definitely a must get.

These two fantastic ones are by Julie Nquyen. This first Super Smash Bros. Brawl one was absolutely phenomenal. The fact she managed to fit every character on here is pretty awesome.

This Persona 4 one is also very awesome.

This Cowboy Bebop one is by a guy named Mike Luckas. He had a lot of fantastic prints but by the time I got to his booth I had already spent way too much money so I had to limit myself to one.

This one of the ladies of Capcom Vs. SNK by Kissai was pretty hard to pass up. I like how they are all standing around an arcade machine yet they are all focused on Sakura playing her PSP.

Hopefully this next one isn't too NSFW. I have a bit of an infatuation with Velma from Scooby Doo, so this one by REIQ was all too tempting. This is just naughty.

This next one of Rocket and Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy by Bonnie Tang was also just too adorable.

These next 3 are by Coughdrops who's work I've actually seen posted here on the site a couple of times.  This one of Batman and all his sidekicks eating ice cream was too cute.

This Persona 4 one was quite adorable as well. Oh, just so you guys know for the record. My Persona 4 Waifu order goes Yukiko>Marie>Chie>Naoto>Rise.

Of course I had to also get this Kill la Kill one of Ryuko and Satsuki in bunny outfits. Mmmmm, carrots.

This Binding of Isaac one by TheKiwiSlayer (Great Name) happened to be the last one she had so I of course had to grab it.

Unfortunately I can't figure out who did these two which sucks because I love these two of Satsuki and Ryuko. Also to settle that argument, Satsuki>Ryuko. Of course that said, Mako>Both.

This Tomb Raider print by Chukairi was pretty awesome. I don't care what anyone says, the new Tomb Raider was great.

Of course I had to get this Satsuki as well.

Also this Chun-Li she did is quite lovely.

Finally, this Bayonetta mixed with Okami painting by Efrain Farias is just beautiful. Unfortunately he was out of full sized print so I could only get a Post card sized one but it is still one of my favorites of the bunch.

Well there's all that. There are some amazing artists out there and I'm glad to own these fantastic prints that I can show off. Hope you enjoyed them as well.
On the next blog, I talk about the Con itself including pics of some awesome Cosplayers, meeting the voice of Scorpion and Ira Gamagoori, winning some Hentai with my fantastic voicework, Speed dating to disappointing results,  and much more.

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