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GTA Online Has An Infestation of Vermin


Not Lamar. GTA Online has a big problem with hackers. A BIG problem.

People who know the inner workings of GTA could be good people. Modders, we tend to call them. Others, the hackers, are just out to be a dick and make you suffer. Because why the hell not, its not like R* is being particularly attentive.

So I, J-Force, was playing with my friend Aceofcupcakes yesterday. I was helping him do his daily objectives as a nice friendly human being. Then we notice that a large number of the players had been killed by the same guy. Probably just a sticky bomb in a crowded area or on a vehicle containing many players - nothing to worry about.

Then we noticed that it happened again. Not possible, we thought. That shouldn’t happen. Then I exploded into nothingness. Only Aceofcupcakes was near me at the time and the explosion occurred at my feet. Exactly half way in between my feet. We knew what was happening: the hackers had moved in.

Less than four seconds after I respawned I exploded again, as did Ace this time. Then it happened again and again with different players doing the killing each time. It was apparent that the hackers were using other players to make about half a dozen people at a time explode out of nothing. Then the hacker made Ace his puppet and set about being even more of a colossal arsehole.

Instead of targeting players this time, the hacker targeted cars. At once everyone’s personal vehicle exploded and my buddy Ace had to foot the bill to the tune of 50K. Then it happened a second time. Another 50K gone, bringing the damages to my friend up to 100K in total. A barrage of abuse at the hacker in chat later, he stopped, only to move on to the next victim. That victim was me, as can be seen below.

Except this time cars and players were not enough. The hacker decided ‘right, I am actually a knob with my brain leaking out of my arse, let’s work with that’. He took another poor player and froze them. Just froze them. He couldn’t move or interact with anything. He was permanently stuck. Then the hacker started taking money away from them, 5K at a time. At which point my friend and I jumped onto a private server.

Then I start playing Online today and… people exploded. It was happening again and it was just as bad if not worse.

Once again players were being used as a conduit for mischief. The server set about finding who the hacker was and I am semi-proud to say that I found them out after they killed me from passive mode. I hit F1 and began recording. However the recording ignores the HUD and so I am unable to tell you the name of the hacker, other than it started with Leon, followed by two other parts to the name and no letters numbers or symbols. If I saw them again, I’d know in a heartbeat.

I called them out in chat. They slipped up and I had noticed, as did a witness to my murder.

Then things got really nasty.

I became the sole target of the hacker. They made me explode everyone on the server, and I lost about 10K to vehicle destruction. Then the exploding stopped after other people noticed that I was not the hacker. It was replaced with camera fuckery like this:

 Note: For reasons probably related to the upgrade, the blogs seem to hate videos now - I will try to upload the video later. It just shows me walking around with my camera shaking a lot and then stopping after 40 seconds. Here is a Buzzard instead. Isn't it pretty?

Then I followed the hacking bastard. They were driving a turquoise muscle car with blackish stripes. I turned into their sightline and drew my pistol. They went into passive mode the second I came into view of them. Then I pointed out that I was recording them, and they promptly left. I then noted that I could no longer draw the pistol, and anyway, didn't I have the AP lined up for use in the first place?

Then the giant, turd covered penny dropped. Before leaving this waste of oxygen had hacked my inventory. Removed all my weapons. Removed all my ammo. Removed all my attachments. And wiped my progress on all of them. If I want that stuff back, I'll have to stump up some 400k to buy it. Or ask R* to help me. But then I'd have to trust that R* will verify that and reinstate my position as an armed and dangerous felon. So trust it is!

God I hope they come through, or I am done buying Rockstar’s games.

So I have been on several hacked servers over the past few days, with similar hacks. Money stolen, cameras messed with, people frozen, people exploding. It sucks. Rockstar needs to get a grip of the situation. Sort it out before I set Trevor on you.

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