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The Last 9 Months...No I Wasn't Pregnant(Plus First Episode of My New WebSeries!


What if I had just spent this entire time digging a hole directly underneath me? How far down would I have gone? How would I have got the dirt out of the tunnel? I can't dig endlessly down without consequences a la Dig Dug. Would I have found any fossils? How far would I have to dig before the ground got really hot from the earth's core heat-


It's been a while Destructoid. My last gaming related blog was last June, back when the innocence of my youth had not been stamped out like a virgin spring, or a virgin on a spring, or a virgins springs...I don't know where this is going.

While I've still been lurking, dropping the occasionally unwitty remark, I haven't been particularly active around these old parts. I think even at my best times, I've never been particularly active around  here. I've been here for many moons actually, standing on the side of the riverbanktoid for about 3-4 years now, and I'm sure many of you have never even seen me. I've gone through multiple blog poster changes (Still lucky enough to have just got to experience the "pre-Disqus" phase of this site for a good time, tracking down replies was quite fun), many staff members and the odd contreversy or two. Definitely not been here as long as certain goliaths, but its weird to not feel like a new kid on the block around this place. I've never been particularly active in this place, posting sporadically at best, but I always tried to say something that at least people would enjoy reading. Odd as well, that although I've never been active, I still love this place to death. Well not odd, considering just how interesting this place is, but still slightly warming of the tubular bits in my heart.


So in the last 9 months, I assistant directed a terrible film (apocalyptically bad). I got a girlfriend, which is absolutely miles away from the person I was in my many older blogs (read some of them back, Jesus Christe) and she's beautiful and I love her which is always a killer plus. I got a soul sucking job serving the elite of middle class England at their events, and the proceeds of my soul being torn to shreds have gone towards what I wanted to show you guys today. My friend and I, combing the recesses of our minds, decided it would be an exquisite use of our time to make a film series. Being both mega film buffs, mega game buffs, mega just people with a lot of time to kill inbetween mortal kombat and whatever film we put on, we wrote a web show about sentient stuffed animals getting into progressively darker adventures. Toy Story on meth perhaps. Anyway, the first episode is out and we'd love for you all to check it out if you could spare the time. Also quick note, fellow Dtoid alumni Alphadeus will be helping out with the soundtrack at some point, so be sure to keep an ear out (in a jar perhaps) to hear his absolutely stellar music.


If you want to let me know just HOW putrid you thought it was, leave me a comment below and I'll be busy sticking my head inside a bucket pretending I'm Pyramid Head. Since I've also started picking games back up again, hopefully I can get back to giving you a little taste of what's going on inside my magenta colored mind.



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Alright, let's try this again.

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