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PS Friday Night Fights: My Knees Look Like Swiss Cheese Edition


The title is only a slight exaggeration, at least as far as the reason for coming up with that comparison: There are marks all over my legs from newly fucked up skin, old healing skin and plenty of scabs. Such is skating I guess. I never did the skatepark stuff back last time when I skated regularly so the last few months have been a huge learning process, neglecting my street skating so that I can get used to vertical drop ins and bowl/ramp skating. I've been absolutely refusing to wake up in the early AM and head to the park (when there are zero people around but it's open) with all my pads on and as a result I keep getting banged up, it actually hurts to stand on my left leg right now.

I wouldn't give that up though, wounds and bones can heal but the skill (or craft if you will, ho ho) needs to be maintained with regular skating so what's a fella to do? What's really cool about being in a park is talking with people you meet and making new friends. What's also cool is when those same people that you just met push you to do things. Things like trying to ollie that gap up the mini bowl off that slope that's so high but you've been thinking about doing it for awhile now and just building up to it with smaller jumps. Fuck small steps. So I needed to get a running start before I descend the other side slope if I want to make the gap. Well when you do that you hit a really high speed at the bottom one that I wasn't used to yet. Which means your trucks shake like a wet dog that has a phobia of water and if you can't handle it you fall.. so I fell. I'm actually kind of blaming myself on this one because I didn't focus enough on the descent my eyes weren't "in the right place" I was kind of half assing it and I went right into the floor hip, knee and wrist first. That sucked but honestly at the speed I was going and at the angle my body was at I probably could've had a lot worse, it could've made me faceplant at which point I'd have been in a hospital.

But I absolutely won't blame the other skaters for pushing me to try new shit, even if it almost fucked me up good because you need that, I mean someone to push you. That's how you get better in skating. Even if they're doing it just to fuck with you because they know you're not as good as them/comfortable with the trick or whatever it's good to have someone make you try new things. Otherwise I'd be doing the same old stuff I've been doing for weeks now. I haven't even dropped into the mini yet. I'll get on that though, for now enough rambling about skateboarding and injuries, although quick side note it's strange that it took me this long to write in the FNF post about skateboarding, here are Friday's games!.


Like the description says it's amazing how fun looking stuff can hurt so bad.



Welcome to the Playstation side of Friday Night Fights! Every Friday, members of the community get together online to play games and all you need to join is a user account. Down below, you'll find a list of games that we'll play tonight along with the times they'll start, the people that you should hit up for invites, and any other information that you may need.

If you want to play, leave a comment with the games from the schedule you want to play and your PSN name. You should also send a PSN friend request to the host and mention your username here in the message so they know you're one of the cool people and not just some random friend request.

If your favorite game isn't on the schedule, host it yourself! You just need to give us the game, start time, and your PSN name so people know what, when and who. It's also wise to list DLC requirements, game or server names, and anything else people might need to join just so you don't need to message it to everyone individually. Last minute additions in the comments here are fine, but games can also be added earlier in the week by visiting the forums and finding the thread with the coming Friday's date. Adding a game there ensures it's on the blog from the moment it goes up.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Nanashi 8:00 Nanashi707I actually made progress for the treasure one more to go before this game dies for me forever.

Ultra Street Fighter IV TurboKill 8:00 TurboThrill

The Last of Us Remastered Captain Merica 10:00 Trump307

Grand Theft Auto Online Scield 10:00 Scield

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