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Knightmare: 80's Kids in Chromakey Carnage


"Welcome, Watchers of illusion, to the Castle of confusion..."

Twice in as many weeks I've found myself discussing Knightmare in the comments section of front page articles, receiving replies from people who remember it well and those who are blissfully unaware of its existence (Understandably, as I don't believe it was syndicated outside of Europe)

Knightmare was a staple of UK childrens television. A gameshow that exploded onto way back in 1987, appearing in the much-coveted "after school" timeslot on advertismenti-funded channel ITV. Created by Tim Child's company Broadsword and produced by Anglia TV, Knightmare was unlike anything that had been on television to that point, and kids absolutely lapped it up.

Thanks for reading.Way more information I chose not to add can be found at the encyclopedic Knightmare.com The show can be experienced in ugly videos on Youtube. Were you a fan of Knightmare? What did you watch as a kid? Any other kids gameshows stand out for you? What are your memories of post-school television? Any and all stories and opinions are gratefully received.

The floor is open, so sidestep to the left, and grab the mic, friends

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