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Now that's what I call a AMA! (I'm so sorry)



Hello dudes and dudettes, how you doing?! Me? I've been good. 

The last month has been pretty rough. Summer has been threatening to rear it's ugly head and along with it, horrendous amounts of heat (if it's hotter than 20 degrees celcius, it's too hot). The increased heat and sunlight has also been giving me real bad headaches. My eyes are quite sensitive to sunlight so headaches and migraines are frequent during the summer months. To top this all off, I finished writing my dissertation and just two days ago finished my last exam! For the first time in 3 years, I am free to do what I want. 

It's weird, the freedom hasn't hit me yet. Perhaps I'm just too used to being under constant pressure, so this 'lightness' kind of feeling takes some getting used too. On the plus side, lots and lots of time to get started on my PS4 backlog! Finished The Order:1886, Driveclub and Far Cry 4, getting started on Ether One and cannot wait to start Bloodborne in a few days. Oh and PS4 has no games btw, don't forget, no games, not a single one, nope, none here. I'm actually lying, I'm not playing anything. True story (rolls eyes so hard).

But that's enough about me. Lets talk about me. Everyone has been doing these terrific AMA blogs recently, from the enviable and fuckable Occams and Mike 'The Sex Beast' Martins to less enviable but still totally fuckable Seymour Duncan and GoofierBrute. Might as well throw my hat into the ring and join this lovely practice (unlike a certain person who shall only be refered to here as Tuna Pie, omg make a AMA please, weab :3). So go ahead and ask me anything, I'm open to any question you got for me.

Peace and see you below or not, i-it's not like I c-care. (Please, I'm so lonely, I haven't seen my cat since March, he's probably so sad like me)

- lol ur mum

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