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Ask the Pony Boy Anything!


So before we get into the actual point of this blog I'm going to cover one thing real quick tIbirds one stone. As some of you may have noticed I've taken a brief absence from the c-blogs, and there's a fee reasons for that. Mainly just been to damned busy preparing for my wedding this Saturday (possible c-blog with pictures? If anyone is interested?) And because I've recently gotten an 8-5 job. Something I've never had before and I'm not used to so taken some time to adjust to it. I plan to come back in June with my initial thoughts and comic blogs as the usual.


Now that we've covered that onto the questions! Ask me anything you want and I mean anything. However if you don't like the answers that's your own fault so choose wisely. Once one has opened Pandora's Box it cannot simply be closed. Buy I doubt anything bad will happen. Love you guys


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