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#GGinDC receives bomb threat, gaming media ignores it.


On May 1st 2015 there was a Gamergate meetup in DC, consisting of about 300 people. Some of those in attendance were Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Liz Finnegan. Prominent Anti-GGs such as Arthur Chu publically announced their hopes of threats and violence against the meet up. Well, Chu got his wish. At 12:15am, police forced an evacuation of the bar Local 16 due to bomb threats being issued.

Ultimately, I'm not surprised that the "peaceful progressives" bleating about tolerance and acceptance and diversity to mask their racism, sexism, and desire to censor would so readily wish for harm on their opposition. Their motto is "its okay when we do it" after all. What I am surprised at is bleeding hearts like Destructoid, who were so quick to lube up and bend over for Wu and Sarkeesian when they got threats (threats known to be non-credible before the events even happened, or, in Wu's case, figments of her own insanity and paranoia) would, obviously willfully, ignore this event.  No bias there. But hey, if game journalists could be ethical, we wouldn't be 9 months in to GG would we?

Know what my favorite part of this was? Despite SJWs once again trying to bully people and business by threatening their safety and livelihood, the owner of the bar was reported to say ”Would never keep any group out. This is America." Can't win them all, you wannabe Nazis.

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