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My 5 Favorite Games Within Games


Mini games within video games can be the small portion of a game that can make or break the games success. Many of the most popular games of all time have games within them in which you can boost your score or even be awarded an extra life. Some gamers remember the mini games within the game as vividly or more vividly as many of these mini games offer rewards at a higher rate than regular gameplay. Whether it is catching fruit as Pumbaa in the Lion King game or trying to match the cards in one of the early Mario games, everyone has a favorite mini game and here are my top 5 (Videos of each in the links).

Break The Targets

This comes within Super Smash Brothers for Nintendo 64. The character that you are playing with is tasked to break all of the targets and there is a large point bonus for completing this. Not all characters are equipped to break the targets but each of the mini games in Super Smash Brothers is suited for different strengths. Personally, I think that Kirby is the best option to use for this as his flying ability trumps the rest of the characters in the game.

Wee Hand

This is from Jackass the game and it holds true to the Jackass name. In this mini game you will play the knife game where you stab between each of your spread out fingers as quickly as possible. For a good laugh, look of some of these fails online. The plot thickens with this game though, the hand belongs to Wee Man so it is much smaller than the normal hand. Testing your reflexes and skills can be fun but also painful for Wee Man’s video game character.

GTA V’s Sports Games

Grand Theft Auto V isn’t all about carjacking and murdering people. While that’s the majority of the game, in between the debauchery and crime you’re committing GTA V’s has several sports games that rival those of their standalone sports counterparts. GTA V’s tennis games rival that of Virtual Tennis (remember, on the Dreamcast?), and its golf mini game can match swing for swing with that womanizing Tiger Woods’s golf games.  Along with these, GTA V has some more unique sports mini games like arm wrestling, darts and base jumping, which are all fun in their own right.

Liar’s Dice

Instead of poker or blackjack, Red Dead Redemption has a mini game that is called Liar’s Dice. The goal of the game is to look at the dice in your hand and bet on the probability of how many of each number will come up on the table on the next roll. Then you place a bet on the probability of this happening.

Car Crusher

The Car Crusher mini game is one of the most memorable Street Fighter stages and it has even been done in real life to see how quickly a car could actually be destroyed by hand. The more powerful characters tend to do the best on this stage as there is only a short time to destroy the car. For a character recommendation, using E Honda for this stage and his speed slap will have the car battered within seconds.


These are some of the best mini games of all time and they added a spice to the games they were associated with. Some of these mini games are the reason some of the games were so successful. Although they cannot take credit for the success of the game as a whole, they are integral components in making the game what it was. What are your favorite mini games within a game?

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