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Lest we forget, 2015 has been a good year for horror games!


Resident Evil HD Remake. Dying Light. Resident Evil Revelations 2. Killing Floor 2. State of Decay Year One. Evil Within DLC.

Yes. Most of these games are remakes, sequels or variations on previous games (Dying Light and Dead Island), but at least these games have been released on a consistent basis throughout the year and giving us horror fans something to look forward to each month unlike previous years.  One interesting thing  to note about these games is that they all play so differently. Compare the survival horror games from early PSOne era from Capcom. RE1- RE3 & Code Veronica, and the side games in-between like Dino Crisis and Fear Effect. Those games were all built around the same template that Capcom created with RE1 and rarely deviated from the action or inventory mechanics, let alone the camera. This year however, most of the horror games play completely different, and really only share the zombie theme and expand upon the 'survival' mechanic in different ways. 

Take for one Dying Light. The 'lava game' as it's been called by the gaming community in which the best way to approach survival is to stay off the streets and use your parkouring abilities to escape obstacles and try to avoid zombies altogether. State of Decay on the other hand doesn't give you the same freedom with movement as Dying Light does and even limits the amount of time you spend outdoors unless you have enough food items to maintain your stamina level full. Often times you are left wandering alone guessing which is the best approach to get to an objective, either settle for doing a bit of scavenging near by, go into town guns blazing and clear out infestations or load up your backpack and vehicle with essential survival items to make a long trek far across the map to investigate an unkown call for help. Killing Floor 2, is a run and gun game, but it also uses character roles and classes to augment each of the 6 players that typically make up a squad. Going back to Resident Evil 1 or even 2, you were given a slightly different scenario or challenge depending on which character you started off with in the beginning, either Claire or Chris. In Resident Evil 0, 5 and 6 you were given a co-op partner with slightly different move sets and abilities to get by a given scenario. (I'm thinking back to Weskers son who did a lot of MMA Wrestiling moves or Aida Wong's grappling hook that let her fly around a stage like spider-man in RE6.) Killing Floor 2 doesn't necessarily give you spider-man abilities but maybe it should. It already has a really great melee combat mechanic and healer and DPS classes to support and compliment the group.

In short, I'm just glad to see horror games, horror shooters, survival horror, etc., being represented and varying in design despite the news the PT or Silent Hills is dead and that F.E.A.R. is now a F2P online shooter. Also, I didn't mind the retro throwback feel of Revelations 2 or the RE1 remake either. 

And that is my very first post blog for Destructoid!


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