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A Report From the Front Lines: Greninja Amiibo Pre-Ordering, Fort Myers, FL.


(the video above is not mine: it is from someone else. I didn't get a Greninja. Boo!)

So this is pretty much bullshit.

I got to Toys R Us pretty early. How early? 8 AM. This was the line that greeted me:

Well, this is a bit misleading. This was taken after I got in line, but I wanted a real shot of how many people were there at the time. Here is a shot of me actually in-line:

Yeah. Not a fun time at EIGHT IN THE GODDAMN MORNING. TWO HOURS BEFORE THEY OPENED. Apparently the Naples store had people there at midnight.

The point is not the length of the line, it's the fact that TRU really did something bad with this pre-order event. They used it to shill credit cards.

See, if you were willing to sign up for a TRU Credit Card, you got to skip the line and go into the store early! Not only that, but we're also dealing with limited stock, of course. One of the people in line was friends with an employee, and they allegedly said that they were only allowed 10 pre-orders. There were more than that in the line, of course.

Now, this may or may not be illegal. I'm not sure.

The sheer fact that TRU was willing to do this is pretty friggin' disgusting. It's taking advantage of the consumer, plain and simple. Notice that there are multiple kids in the line? What about them? Do you make them apply for a TRU Credit Card to skip the line? Do they miss out otherwise?

Then there's the rather obvious issue here: The supply for these is absolutely too low. You shouldn't need to pre-order these Amiibo to find them. Nintendo needs to get their heads out of their collective asses and MAKE MORE OF THESE GODDAMN THINGS.

And after all of the bullshit we had to endure with the Lucario, Rosalina, Shulk, Meta Knight, and the entirety of Wave 4 on the pre-order front, You'd think that Nintendo would prevent a shitstorm like this from happening again. But, alas, we've got at least one Toys R Us trying to get people to sign up for a credit card to pre-order Greninja. Note that this is also a pre-order. Nobody walked out of there with real product today.

A few of them definitely walked out with a high-fee credit card, though, and that kind of upsets me.

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