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Captivating games. An Inazuma Eleven story.


[Just for the record, I've never written something like this before, but I read a couple recently, and I felt like I would enjoy giving it a shot. So any constructive critism could be useful, incase I do another one of these in the future. Anyways, enjoy the show!]

For a lot of gamers, there's that "one game/series". That one game, or series of games, that they will sink an absurd amount of time into. They will play that game so much, whether it be in little bursts here and there, or for hours on end, whether they like the game or not. If you ask around, many people will say things along the lines of Pokemon, Monster Hunter, Minecraft, First Person Shooters or MMOs such as World of Warcraft. For me, that game is the Inazuma Eleven series.

"Inazuma Eleven?" You might be thinking. "Isn't that the one soccer game Nintendo released digitally for the 3DS last year?" Well you see, only one game in the series was released in North America. Meanwhile, over in Japan, where football is much more popular, there's actually been a total of six games (Not counting a rerelease of the original trilogy on 3DS, as well as the various different spin-offs). The series later released in Europe in 2011, and since then, the fifth game has arrived quite recently here. 

Around that time, I was iat the beginning of my 2nd year of high school (Before I had discovered Dtoid), and out of curiosity, I picked the game up for a cheap price. I'm going to keep this brief, because there's already a review on the site that sums up my feelings of the first game better then I could put it. Click Here to read it. Overall, I quite enjoyed the games underdog story, the various enjoyable characters, the unique battle system and the horrendously bad UK localisation. (Seriously, it's awful. Everyone speaks in painfully high pitched voices, and they speak in various corny english accents. Look it up.) But in the end, it didn't leave much of an impact on me, and I had soon forgotten about it.

Around the time the second game was released, I picked it up, since I enjoyed the first one, and was interested to see what they could add to a sequal. However, my best friend, who was also a fan, was abroad for a school trip, and Inazuma was the only game he had with him. So, we made a bet. We would both build a custom team of our own while he was away, and once he was back, we would have a serious duel to the death! I brought together a ragtag team of players I had on hand, and trained them over the course of a week. And when the day of the final battle came... I was crushed beneath the heel of my enemy, with a final score of 1-4.

But I wasn't finished yet! I wanted a rematch so badly, that when the third game rolled around, I was dedicating all my spare time over a month towards building an ultimate team that would even the odds! My final battalion consisted of numerous elite players. As Goalkeepers, I had Gigi Blasi and Cyril Fox. On Defense, Nick Pincher, Peter Drent, Kayson Whattever and Alexander Hausen. In Midfield, Erik Eagle, Giulio Acuto, Arion Matlock, Julian Rousseau and Cadence Soundtown. And finally, my Forwards were Burnie Elements, Samuel Mayo, Tyke Wando and my unstoppable striker, Ian Flappable. But in the end... I never did get my rematch.

Frustrated by this outcome, I pitted my team against many of the various challenge teams that are available after the story, in an attempt to relieve my stress, and justify all my hard work and time spent. And those teams are tough. It's a struggle to fight them even with the best players at your side. But I managed to see it through with my dream team. And it was around that time that I had noticed that I had put around 100 hours into the game. I was so obsessed with having the best team that I didn't even notice the time fly by. Looking back at it now, I feel have a strong sense of pride and embarrassment over the whole ordeal.

At the time of writing this, I'm at the end of my 5th year of high school and everything is fine. I'm actually playing through Inazuma Eleven Go 2 right now. And now to end this blog with a question: Have you ever had a game that you just couldn't put down? What made you keep playing, and did you get what you wanted out of it in the end?

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