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Fast and Furious 8 (Fast 8, Furious 8, F8, etc.) - Should It Happen or Not?


After the success of Furious 7, and a perfect way to farewell Paul Walker one last time, it looks like Fast and Furious 8 (or whatever you guys want to call it) is going to happen. But should it really happen? Not so sure.

Look, the ending of Furious 7 was sad, I'll give you that much, but for people to discuss a sequel is interesting, because Paul Walker (who was in every film except for F&F: TD) died halfway through filming, and a lot of people are going to complain about the Fast and Furious franchise continuing without Walker (and there are already).

Furious 7's ending was just right to end the franchise but it could be the right way to move the franchise in a different direction (which is what Vin Diesel wants). I think that ending the franchise there and then would be good because I feel that would be, in a way, respecting Paul, and - although plenty of you will argue about this - maybe pushing for more and more F&F movies will make Paul's character and Paul's involvement in the franchise, history (but I'm sure that they will reference Brian O'Conner in future movies).

Look, I am going to go ahead and say that they would be better off continuing the franchise because there is plenty of stories to tell, and, seeing as though Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) has basically become the main man of the franchise (since F&F '09), they can still make more stories of Toretto facing off against newer characters and maybe even past characters. I also think that they would be better off continuing because Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kurt Russell need more involvement in the sequels, and that is what some of the fans want, particularly with The Rock. However, they need to get rid of Mia Toretto (although Jordana Brewster is a great actress), because of the way that Furious 7 ended, and it would be better off that Mia join Brian in retirement, looking after the kids (they must have a good salary from all the heists they've done!) in the future.

What do you guys think? Should there be another Fast and Furious movie? Or was Furious 7 the right way to end the franchise?

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