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Sorry, I've been away :(


Yeah, I'm a douchebag

I'm sorry friends, I've been working and studying a lot and been away from here :(
I promised (and was even featured by Strider in the interesting blogs recap! ;___;) to make my interview blog a regular thing, but I haven't had a regular life.

My Boss is leaving the country (he's going to Oregon, kick his ass for me) and my dream job is going to end in June :( so in the meanwhile we're recording a lot of albums and I am putting together a music festival. 
I've also just made an internetional credit card so I can finally put my music and Bandcamp and sell it to anyone willing to inflict dementia on themselves and PAY FOR IT! :D

Also I've got my drummer back (from rehab, for reals, he sold his last drum for coke money years ago) and we're writing new songs, rehearsing and recording them so yeah. I'm back into the music life, and it's fucking me up the ass since I have to attend night school and...

Fuck, I'm sorry, this reads like a real asshole bunch of excuses, I just meant to say I'm sorry for abandoning this wonderful place and all the friends I've made here. I am also sorry for leaving my blog/podcast behind.
Really, I'm sorry friends :(

I've been meaning to get back here, and I did it today after reading the news that Andy is leaving the board of dickrectors :(
Man that's a lot of sad faces and no pictures. So check this out:

This is Ludwig Wittgenstein, he's a really cool dude. I've been reading philosophy, his philosophical investigations to be precise, and dude, it kicks ass. The guy is a badass.

Anyway. I'll try to stay active and record soon. I've been more on Twitter since I can use it on my cellphone, but I don't want to subject you guys to the torrent of portuguese nonsense I post there. I don't know how the folks that follow me can stand it (thanks Julien Gabrien and Jawsh, I won't take it personally if you unfollow me). Anyway, if I disappear again contact me through twitter (@stereosaur), or skype ([email protected]) (though I haven't accessed it for a while, I promised a soundtrack to that Dtoid game maker and wasn't able to finish it, I'm so ashamed :() or perhaps email ([email protected]).

Well, just to say I'm alive and sorry. Also, read philosophy guys, you'll feel compelled to drop online discussions. It feels liberating as fuck.

Here's another picture of Wittgenstein from when he was a kid and went to school with Hitler:

Told ya he was a badass.
The guy literally went to school with fucking godwin's law and didn't give a fuck about him, going on to discuss semantics with his idols and telling them to eat dick.

How hilarious would it be if Hitler was the first troll butthurt because someone declined to argue with him?

Fuck yeah. Much Love to you folks.

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