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Egg for an Egg: "Crispy on the inside"


I love the idea that an Easter egg in a game can be completely non-sensical. It doesn’t have to fit into the story, or make sense in the context it takes place in; it’s a neat inside joke the developer allows the player to partake in, whether they understand it or not.

My father-in-law is the type of gamer to really tear apart each and every game he comes across. One of his favorite game series is Gears of War. He just goes bonkers for big dudes with chainsaw guns obliterating an alien menace. Who can blame him? Gears of War is a very cool game series that really scratches anyone’s “I wanna be violent!” itch. I haven’t played a game in the series since the first one, but there’s never been a more satisfying finishing move than chainsawing a monster in-half. And in the game!

He also loves to talk video games, which is great, because so do I. I still remember when he told me about an Easter egg he ran across in Gears of War 2. Apparently, there’s a room somewhere during the game with a bunch of columns. If the player hits a certain column a few times, it breaks apart and inside there’s a toaster.

Marcus comments, “Oh, I was looking for this.” The player can push the bread down, smoke starts billowing out of the toaster, and after a few second toast pops up. Marcus says, “Who wants toast?!” Someone else comments, “I like ‘em crispy!” and then Marcus replies, “I like ‘em crispy on the outside.”

And that’s it.

It’s so brilliantly bizarre that I’m sure there’s some sort of inside joke there that the developers were tickled pink to put inside the game. I personally like to imagine Clifford Gerald Bleszinski was specifically referring to cookies, because who doesn’t like a crisp outer-layer with a warm, gooey center?

My father-in-law and I had a good laugh about it, and it has always stuck with me as one of the best Easter eggs in a game.

Here’s a video of it, pulled randomly from Youtube.

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