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Psycho Punch's REMOVED Comment of the Week


Over the past weeks, or maybe even months, I've decided to lay low on "contributing" anything on Destructoid's comment sections for some reasons. I don't know, maybe arguing with people started burning me out, especially when I tend to take positions that seem to be becoming less and less popular in this community, or I tend to argue against points that seem to be becoming more and more favored. I feel like Destructoid's community, in general, have been skewing in certain ways that make me feel like my views are becoming less and less welcome around here. Interestingly, many of the people whose write-ups, and/or comments, inspired me to come out from lurking in the comments sections have left already.

Today, I discovered one of my comments in a recent Destructoid article was removed for reasons unclear to me. This isn't the first time any of my comments (across all the sites I comment on) got moderated, but this is the first time the reasons I can't easily guess.

Removed Comment

I'm not sure if this is inflammatory, derogatory, rude, or hostile in ways not up to the "standard of behavior" in Destructoid. I've been going to this site for quite a while, enough to be able to guage what's acceptable, and what's not for the community--at least that's what I feel--but I can't come up with any unwritten rules that the comment above transgressed. Is "Nintendo fans" considered a derogatory term around these parts? Does it offend a certain social minority in ways I'm apparently oblivious of? Or is it the "most people" part?

The comment is meant to be snarky, because it's part of a thread of such nature.

Snarky Thread

It's obvious I replied to a relatively popular comment, effectively taking a position against it but saying it in a way that's quite sarcastic. Is that the offense? Even when I substitute "most people" with "Nintendo fans" on the comment I replied to, I still can't see anything offensive about it.

You also know it's a Nintendo game when [Nintendo fans] will still think it's worth the price 2 years after launch.

It's puzzling why such comment on Destructoid would be deleted, but there it is, the removed comment of the week.

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