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Reservoir Cocks - A Dtoid Payday Playdate!



Two in the Mr. Pink, one in the Mr. Stink

Greetings, people-like creatures! April's Fools day may still be in full swing in certain parts of the world, but there's nothing foolish about what I'm about to announce. 

See, Destructoid's resident superhero/rockstar/megapimp Luckrequired and I are planning on getting some well earned vengeance after a failed round of Payday: The Heist on Steam. Luck humbly placed the blame on himself, but my own noobishness probably played a big part. We then swore that we would return, stronger than ever, to recover what rightfully belongs to our enemies, but which we are gonna take anyway because fuck them!

That said, and we'd like to join forces with any one of you lovely snugglebuddies out there to help us achieve this glorious victory. It doesn't matter whether or not you've ever played this game before in your life. We wanna play with anyone, as we believe that, through the power of friendship, any financially motivated murder-shootout will lead to happiness. <3

For those unfamiliar with the game, Payday: The Heist is a co-op first person shooter in which you pull off sick heists. Said heists get even sicker as you unlock more and more cool shit with which to pull off said heists, which as mentioned, are already pretty sick. That means you got some super sick heists to look forward to. Wicked!

It's all about teamwork. Communication is crucial, and you have to try your best to work as a part of a team if you want any chance to score some fat cash. Also, learn how to do melee attacks, as this will probably save your ass a bunch of times.

Playday is Friday, April 3rd 2015. Come drunk, sober or anything inbetween!

Make sure you have the time for it, because the heists do tend to take a while. Would suck if you had to bail during one. That's the kind of thing that would be absurd in real life. "Oh, oops, I forgot to pick up the kids. Uh, anyone wanna hold on to my stuff while I'm gone? Won't take too long, I promise."

We haven't agreed on the exact time yet, but we'll discuss it with those of you willing to join. Time zones can be tricky, so it's a good idea to make sure nobody has to stay up all night. Unless you were planning to do that anyway, which at least makes things easier.

Just tell us if you want to join, and you're in!

See you then! :)

EDIT: List of robbers so far


OpiumHerz (maybe)

Tonich (maybe)



El Dango


I'll remove the 'maybe' once you know you're definitely joining in, or remove you from the list if you choose to cancel. :)

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