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Study Finds Its About To Get Gay In Here Doesn�t Make It Any Gayer In Here


A report released today by Alexa Internet, Inc. found that Destructoid member Its About To Get Gay In Here doesn’t add to the gayness of any one thread the user comments in.

The report was based on a three month research study funded by the US Government. The results, posted on Alexa’s website, found that not only does Its About To Get Gay In Here not increase the level of homosexuality in any one thread, but the user in some cases actually decreases it.

“We found in many situations that this user actually made it straighter in here,” said Andrew Ramm, President of Alexa Internet Inc. “Right now your average Destructoid comment thread is already about 70% gay. Now that’s a high level of gayness. In comparison, Adam4Adam only has a gayness level of 62%. So it’s already sky high. When Its About To Get Gay In Here would comment in any of these threads, we found no rise in how gay it got in there. In fact, certain threads about Playboy and Senran Kagura actually saw the user de-gayifying it, dropping it below 50%.”

In response to this report, Its About To Get Gay In Here, whose real name is Kimmy Dong, pledged to do better at making it more gay in here; promising to get Destructoid to 100% gay at which point the website will transform into a bears and otters hookup site. Most experts agree Destructoid is about three dick pics away from being 100% gay.

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