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New Opportunities Thanks to Old Friends.


When 9 and 9 meet 9

Hello my fantastic friends. I have had the most interesting and life-filled week ever, and felt that I needed to touch base and share some of it with you all, because if anyone would appreciate it, it's you lovely folks. I've got another new job, my restaurant job has finally started (albeit a little oddly), and some big wedding details have finally been solidified! 

If you hadn't noticed, once again I've sort of went a little bit AWOL. I haven't up and disappeared or anything, but my prescence has once again slowed. You'll be happy to know that it's not because of how I've been feeling though, I've actually been doing a lot better lately. No, it's because I've actually got some really exciting opportunities coming to me. 

I was going to build up to this, but I'm actually so freaking excited and have had the hardest time containing myself about my new job. Officially starting tomorrow, I am going to be an Associate Editor with G4@SyfyGames! I will be writing news posts daily and one feature or review article every week! I can't even describe how stoked I am about this job, and how grateful I am that it was offered to me. I've always thought that I was a solid writer, but more from the academic paper-writing side of things. I'm really excited to give this job 125% though, and bring my own positive outlook on gaming to my writing. 

I won't bore you all with details, but I hope that you'll come and check the site out after it officially launches tomorrow! I will not be leaving Destructoid in any way though, and I hope that my involvement with G4 News will only strengthen my involvement with video game communities and Destructoid CBlogs specifically. This will always be my home, and you've all become amazing friends to me.

It's nice to know Mr. Destructoid is just like us. 

In other (less exciting) news, the restaurant job has taken off and its great so far! I made such a good impression I had a bunch of servers ask me why I had to be stuck in the kitchen and wasn't working Front of House with them. Apparently I'm very tippable? Like a cow. I was told by the Head Sous Chef though that I may be too enthusiastic. I actually thought it was a joke at first, because seriously, that's a thing? I'm sorry, am I too passionate about this job? Would you rather I just go throguh the motions like everyone else? Silly people, they just need to get used to my high-energy.

In wedding updates, caterer has been chosen. Photographer has been chosen. Ceremony sorted out. Officiant chosen. Decorations on their way. Mind melting, but things are progressing. I actually had a really neat idea for my wedding, but I'm not sure yet if it's ging to work so I need to do some more research on it. No spoilers, but if it works out you'll know soon. :) 

In blog-related news, I'm going to still try and run Band of Bloggers, but I myself have not had a chance to write a blog yet. I've been playing through Majora's Mask, but with other priorities I haven't made the dent that I wanted to. If I can, I'll still get a blog out in the next couple days, but I'm spending a lot of time focusing on my first game review currently. Have to make sure that it shines. :) 

There is one more thing though. I really wanted to thank you all, for everything. If I hadn't started to blog on this site and met all of you, I wouldn't have this new exciting opportunity. And it really was all of you that made this my home, and made me want to stick around and continue writing and learning about each of you. So thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. You've all been there for me during hard times and great times, and I look forward to all the fun times we'll have together in the future. And hopefully sexy times as well.  

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