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New Music Album: 2AD15 - I / Status of Songs for Gamers Volume IV


Good day, friends.

I released a new album earlier that I wanted to share (what else is new!? :p). It's called 2AD15 - I. I suppose it has an odd name if you haven't seen me post before, but since I'm terrible with names, it's what I call it to move the creative train along! It's basically the year the album is released, and the number of the volume it is.

Unlike my other albums, which are usually 13 tracks (some being 12 as an exception), this one is only 11 tracks. I was unable to come up with any new jams, and wanted to start work on Volume IV of Songs for Gamers. Speaking of which, I'm working on Volume IV of Songs for Gamers =p Here's a new track:

Onstro (Cosmonstropolis)

I have 17 confirmed people for this album, and would like to make it 20-25 if possible. If you're interested in a track, let me know. The sooner the better. I'm going to start with adding 3 more people, and depending on how the tracks go, I might add 5 more. It's important to note that it is extremely unlikely there will be a Volume V.

As always, I hope you enjoy something I've written. I apologize for not throwing around as many words as I usually do, but I hope my music more than makes up for that =P Thanks for reading, and listening.

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