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Destructoid Announces Bible Burning Game Jam


Video game news site blog thing Destructoid.com announced today it is expanding its sphere of influence into game development with its first official Game Jam. Set to take place this May, the theme of the rapid game creating event will be "Burning the Bible."

"We've seen so many successful and amazing games come out of these Jams in the past that we just had to get in on the action," said games journalist Robert Summa. "But we also wanted to give it our own little twist. So was asked ourselves what does Destructoid do best and that's when it came to us: antagonizing our readership."

Summa said there was much deliberation amongst the Destructoid staff on just how to translate pissing off their shockingly querulous fan base into a game concept. Several of the rejected ideas included randomly firing a beloved staffer, linking to a Kotaku story, giving an anticipated Nintendo game a score lower than 7 or trying to get people excited about a mobile game.

"In the end we decided to go with burning the bible for two reasons" the blogger Summa said. "One, fuck Christians. Two, fuck the bible. Seriously, it's just a piece of fiction. The bible is fiction. Fiction, fiction, fiction! Did I say fiction? It's fiction, just like the moon landing and the holocaust." Summa, who later explained he doesn't even play video games, then proceeded to give himself a high-five.

The Bill Maher co-sponsored Game Jam will take place at the Atheist Alliance International headquarters in Washington, D.C. The event will kick off with punch & pizza and wrap up three days later when participants will be given the opportunity to feed Christians to lions.

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