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Error Machine Podcast 46 - Where Old Jokes Never Die


Hi everyone, I'm on a Cal Ripken-like streak of consecutive days with a post.

Before I post the topic time marks, just wanted to encourage you guys to check out the Error Machine YouTube page. We have a goal to get to 50 subscribers by the end of March, and 100 by the end of April, so if you're a fan of our videos, do us a solid and subscribe. If you watch our videos but don't subscribe, you're basically the same as the dude that created Napster, and I'll send Lars Ulrich after you, and no one wants to see that weird little man at their doorstep. Time marks after the video!

1:20 Luke ventures into chiptunes
4:15 Dustin finally started watching Breaking Bad
5:35 Dustin scolds Erik for skipping the gym
7:00 Bloodborne talk
8:45 Erik played Rogue Legacy/Killzone Mercenary
11:50 Dustin played The Order: 1886
15:50 The Nintendo fanboy despises Code Name S.T.E.A.M.
18:10 The weirdness of Kid Icarus Uprising
21:45 Splatoon hype
23:30 New releases
24:15 Dustin's beef with Borderlands: Handsome Collection
27:40 Is Mario Party 10 Nintendo's worst published game?
31:00 Overpriced Metal Slug 3
34:30 Ramifications of Kojima leaving Konami
42:15 Predator joins Mortal Kombat X
45:30 Questions
54:00 Outro

Thanks for reading/listening/watching.


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