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5 More Songs That Totally Need To Be In Rock Band 4, Brah.


I love music, man. I love all kinds of that stuff. When I'm rockin' the ear buds on my way to the gym, or when I'm pounding back Heinekens with my buds at TGI Fridays, I always listen to that shit.

Rock Band is totally friggin' cool, man. I traded in all of my Madden and Medal of Honor games back in 2008 to pay for half of Rock Band 2, and that shit was great. Used to rock the fuck out before studying for my Stats exams. Got me in the zone. For Stats.

I'm STOKED for Rock Band 4, man. I'm gonna sell my PS3 for it!

Here are some tracks that need to be in Rock Band 4, man. If you don't like 'em, you can fuck off.

This shit is my JAM right here! I play this every day before I get up for class and I know I'll keep doing 'till the end of fuckin' time, man.

I'm not usually a fan of love songs, but this one is kinda special. Totally sealed the deal with one of the chicks from Tilted Kilt with this one. She was hot as FUUUUUUUCK.

You out there, Sarah? I still love you, baby. Answer my texts, babe!

Oh SHIIIIIIIIT. This was my JAM in the 90s, man! Loved this song, and it fucking SUCKS it hasn't been in Rock Band yet-

"This song was already in Rock Band."

What? The hell it has! I own all three of them! Fucking show me.

"It's a track in LEGO Rock Band, you dumbass!"

Oh, fuck that noise. Nobody but the nerds bought that kiddie bullshit. This track needs to be in a REAL Rock Band game. With a number in it or something.

DUUUUUUUDE! I saw DMB back in '07, before LeRoi died (RIP in peace, bro). Two words: Life. Changing. Experience. That shit was amazing. Fuck Harmonicaix for not putting in more Dave Matthews in Rock Band before this-

"Ants Marching was DLC in 2012."

Doesn't count, man. That shit takes too long to download. Leave that DLC to the nerds, man. Plus, if I download too much, my neighbor will notice and I'll have to call Comcast to come out and actually give me internet.

I don't care what DJ you gotta talk to, man, but you need to put some fucking DUBSTEP in this game! Fuck all of the Rush and Chili Peppers bullshit people want, put some dubstep in there! I'd pay for a full Rock Band: Dubstep!

Sigma Chi!

(It's 6:26 in the morning and I need sleep. Don't take this seriously for a minute, because I sure as hell didn't)

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