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Five Games that would be better if they starred Frank Underwood


The house finally has Netflix, so obviously I've been watching House of Cards starring Mr Kevin Spacey.

Now, political intrigue is all wholesome fun, but what I really enjoy about House of Cards is how Mr Underwood likes to talk to his imaginary friend (I think it's called breaking the forth wall). I rather like to imagine that Kevin Spacey stays in character after the filming stops, and that he goes around speaking to an invisible audience at the most inappropriate moments. 

Eventually, all these thoughts led back to video-games, and obviously I decided that I should write an article about how games would be better if they starred Frank Underwood. So here it goes...

 Any Bioware game

The beauty of a good Bioware RPG is in its world and characters. Everyone knows this. Those all important relationships you build with your party members in games like Mass Effect and the recent Dragon Age: Inquistion, are what make the Bioware experience so fulfilling.

Now, imagine how much better those relationships would be, if you played as Frank Underwood.

You could be telling someone how sympathetic you are about the death of their wife, only to turn to an invisible camera and say "What a blubbering jackass". Or you could be confessing your love to another party-member, only to tell the audience how ugly they are.


TellTale's The Walking Dead

A series defined by making difficult decisions. But what if your decisions weren't shaped by your desire to save as many people as possible, but all about getting the power?

So what if you shot that guy? If you want to be ambitious, you need to do horrible things. Someone's gotta run this place, and it sure ain't gonna be a zombie.

Papers Please

 For a game in which the player has to decide whether or not to allow possible illegal immigrants entry in and out of a totalitarian state, Papers Please would be much easier  if you were playing as Frank Underwood.

Envision a situation in which Underwood recieves someone's papers, and there's a note attached asking to help them enter so that they can save their family from starvation. Rather than going through the usual stressful thought processes, Underwood would just rat them out because, after all, it's the state who've got all the power, not some grubby little nobody! 

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

In a world where the line between man and machine is blurred. Where people are capable of impossible feats. Real power is just one operating table away.

But seriously, a cyborg Frank Underwood? Couldn't get better than that.

He'd sell all the illegal drugs, and then buy all the upgrades, and become an unstoppable machine of cunning. He wouldn't have to do all that tiresome scheming, just stomp about.

Fallout 3

By the time the player exits Vault 101, America has no president, not really. The seat's just waiting to be filled. 

And that scummy little town, Megaton? You don't even need to ask kind sir, of course I'll blow it up for you. Just another rug on the ladder to ruling the Captial Wasteland. 

What do you think? What games would be better if they starred Frank Underwood?

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