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The APEX Journey: Day 3- Arrival and Results


Edit: I haven't posted this in mad long but since post-APEX I've won a few tourneys made like over $500 and was featured on the site Melee it on Me. It's kid of cool when people come up to you and call you a top player but I'm still no M2K in terms of fame.

I just have to keep gettting better.

The Arrival and Delay

Well, it's finally the big and important blog...the APEX Blog! I wrote this pretty much after I got home and man does APEX take a lot out of you; even if you are only just competing. The tournament featured over 800 Smash Wii U entrants and over 1000 Melee entrants and was hosted in Jersey, aka roughly an hour from Joey and I. Now, of course this is our first APEX and a our first national, be it that we have only been competing for 6 months, and of course the nerves were hitting me. Joey and I received our pool notifications earlier in the week and we spent our entire week researching our opponents (though not much was found haha) and learned we were going to have the first wave in the first pools, aka the dreaded 9AM pools!

So, that Thursday night we found a friend who had a room at the hotel (sorry I forgot the name), picked him from the train station,  ran into many big names like Sky Williams and others, and of course got our awesome pre-registration APEX badge. Honestly, we were just tired and excited for tomorrow, so we went to our room to train all night and prepare for our 9AM journey.

That Friday morning came and man was I excited and nervous at the same time. We reported to our TO desk followed by our pool locations, and saw the fantastic layouts they had everywhere. There were awesome HD monitors supplied by Gaming Generations everywhere, brand new Wii U's and GCN adapters supplied by Nintendo, an eBay scalpers dream. At 8:45am, Joey and I arrived and the odd thing though was the fire alarm was sounding off, though the TO's and us just ignored it, it delayed the pool starting for 15 minutes. Right as we were about to begin, (Joey and I had byes in our pools as we were ranked #1 and #2 respectively, though in different pools) we were told to immediately evacuate! The Fire Department had come to investigate the alarm, as it is there job.

HOWEVER! This led to the whole slew of events that everyone should know by now and I won't be going into full details. So here's a short bullet form of it

  • Fire Dept sees the event and deems the room unsafe from too much electrical output + no permits
  • APEX is cancelled for the next 7 hours, people are just roaming. Half shocked, half confused
  • Twitch saves the day gets new venue, Sky Williams says APEX continues tomorrow

[poilib element="articleSubHeader" parameters="label=Game Time"]

After a long trek back to NY to a 6AM wake up adventure to get to the new and further venue, GAME TIME WAS UPON US! I was still nervous, though not as nervous as I was going into the tournament. Joey and I parted to our waves and my rounds were about to begin. I watched the first match between the two kids I was supposed to fight and I was like.....wow this will be easy; and it was. It was a 2-0 vs the kid's Captain Falcon (and it doesn't hurt the my brother mains Captain Falcon either). The next round I had to fight vs a player Tohfoo, who played a good Shiek with great follow ups, just once again I played better and read better! My last fight was against some kid who got sponsored by Pastime Legends (a big Smash store sponsor, where M2K and dabuz are a part of) though honestly I thought he was overrated. He played Mario and though the games were close and he took game 2 off me (after a terrible start), I had an amazing comeback in Duck Hunt Dog stage game 3 to win the pool and and advance to the Top 128 (or as I found out later....wave 2).

Joey on the other hand, got to once again play on Team Sp00ky's stream (we know Spooky personally now but), and to make his long story short he also advanced out of pools!

Here's one of his matches

[youtube clip_id="NLhNhVvuQZg"]

Now to wait 12 hours!

The Atmosphere

I'm not going to lie, but at the Clarion Hotel (aka the first venue) I really didn't get a cool, awesome tournament vibe that APEX hypes itself up to be. But, going into Saturday and seeing the entire crowd for Melee, talking with VGBC's GimR (and seeing how he gets the pre-stream matches a hand massage), and just talking with many faces; it made me understand why APEX is the biggest Smash Tournament around. The place is crazy excited, some many friendly faces, great matches going on, a lot to learn, and just a great place for fans or players to just enjoy Super Smash Bros!

Also, to be honest, being at APEX makes me want to Melee more than it did any other Smash game. There's so much Glory and anticipation for Melee that honestly, I didn't know it was as big as it was. Like, you see big numbers on twitch but seeing that kind of crowd live...man it just makes the entire game better!

Embedded image permalink


Wave 2 and Results

Like I said, 12 hours later! After watching many matches, seeing a lot of upsets and fighting to stay awake (since 6AM people!). They finally announced the wave 2 of pools and lucky me I had Mew2King and NinjaLink in my pool (along with Chudat and MikeKirby) but honestly, I wasn't nervous or anything for pool 2 I was just exhausted. Hauling around, wanting to squeeze matches in, cheering Joey on in Doubles (they almost advanced to top 32 one win away), APEX was draining me or just the lack of organization for such a huge event. I wanted to get fame and glory but none of that was happening, even with my victories.

By the time I fought in wave 2 it honestly was a blur and I played terrible, honestly it pisses me off thinking about it, but I guess the best Smashers just can go at anytime (even many big names didn't even make it out of wave 2 pools like FOW, Choco, Ally2Knight). However, I did get to see the salty suite live and became friend with the LIVING LEGEND HIMSELF PC CHRIS! (who said we can chill and he can teach me the Melee!); but alas once again it only spiked my Melee interest.

Hopefully I do better at EVO

yeah that's right I'm off to EVO, wish me luck!

Right now, post-APEX my Smash-muse is dead but I still semi-play I mean there are still tourneys to go to and money to win!

- It'd be cool to find me on Youtube GAMEMEN / SNBGaming64 and waste your time watching guides and couch co-op <3 thanks.

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