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Solar Pony Django's Uncrateing March 2015/ Comic Podcast


This month's LootCrate was here and... it was disapointing. Like I've been okay with every other LootCrate but this one? Ugh. This month's theme was Covert, and we got two count them two actual items from well known brands. James Bond and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. No Archer, no Austin Powers, no Metal Gear Solid. Nothing. So I'm disappointed. As for the most useful thing in this crate the watch, seeing as how I didn't happen to have a watch before I do now. And the Spy themed Mad Libs, but that's mainly because I absolutely adore Mad Libs. Here's hoping next months is better.

No on to better news! The podcast is recording tomorrow! And I've established the name for it too: Piled High Comics: A Comic and Geek Culture Podcast. Unless someone else happens to have a better name by chance? But the reason I'm posting this is well I don't know where Cosmo is so it'll only be myself and my best friend in real life. So I'd actually appreciate not one but two other guest cohosts. If you'd like to be a permanent one however please feel free to message me! I'm willing to take on people with little comic knowledge so as to have them ask the questions other people may not know and are wondering too. I'd try to explain each comic as well and pitch it to you if you might be interested in picking comics up soon. We'd also move on to video games eventually probably about half way through the podcast too. If you'd like to do it with me please just message me and I'll give you my Skype, and we can talk more about it. I'm hoping for a 3PM Central Time to record but I'm still waiting on a definitive time so we'll see!

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