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Occam Thoughts: Prints and Books


Hello.  How have you been?  Well, I hope.  I can feel Spring approaching.  Slowly creeping in, like a tickle in the back of your throat that signifies you are coming down with a cold.  As a creature of the cold, I take umbrage with Spring.  Oh sure, it’s pretty outside but the heat and the humidity is cloying.  Then Spring bleeds over into Summer and the weather becomes a physical force trying to destroy you.  Step outside in the Summer and the weather hits you like a sloppy kiss from an overbearing, demented relative.  Anywho, this isn’t about the weather.  It’s about art.  Something far more interesting.  I’ve acquired art things and would like to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy them.


I'm still working out the fundamentals of the three skull weapon.

Killian Eng is an artist that I rather enjoy.  He has a very distinctive style that feels like one part paint by numbers and one part Terminator vision where a target has been identified.  He makes a lot of interesting color choices and tends to play with shades of one or two colors for his works.  The result is something akin to prehistoric cave paintings done by computers. 

I had the pleasure of acquiring this Ico print by Mr. Eng as part of a group of folks who commissioned the artist.  There’s a great Mondo poster thread over at Neogaf where collectors and fans chew the fat and I was able to get on board with this.  As clichéd as it sounds, these pictures don’t do the work justice.  The inks are bold and rich and the paper quality is noticeable, with a thick texture and good weight.  I don’t have a whole lot of video game prints.  There’s some amazing stuff out there but it’s hard to find quality art that’s not simply printed out on nice paper.  I don’t want to knock that for collectors but for me, I prefer screen prints and hand pulled stuff.  The quality of the paper and the richness of the colors is so much more noticeable. 

Next up we have Rhys Cooper’s take on Gremlins 2.  I love Gremlins 2. It’s cheesy. It’s indulgent and self-aware and a little dumb and I adore it.  You have lady gremlin. You have lightning gremlin (the phone trap still bothers me as a plot device) and then you have spider gremlin. Spider fucking gremlin. Did you know they made a figure of spider gremlin?

Now, this next poster is just neat.  Rhys has made a name for himself as poster designer for galleries like Mondo in Austin and doing some pretty great concert posters.  This one keeps the happy stuff going with the rogue’s gallery of creepy mutant gremlins.  You have the smart gremlin which is my least favorite though I do like it when he guns down that developmentally disabled gremlin on live TV.  Vegetable gremlin which really should have been the mascot for healthy eating in one of those presidential fitness campaigns.  Spider gremlin aka dream come true aka van art monster aka boss master B.  Greta gremlin which….yeah. I feel like at some point I masturbated to the thought of Greta gremlin dominating me.  I can share that with you because I trust you and have little shame.  It’s a nice feeling. Some other memorable gremlins are on the poster too and it feels like Rhys really hit all the highlights of the movie.

So here we have Laurent Durieux’s Pulp Fiction poster.  This guy….this guy is hot right now.  His stuff is highly sought after and his style is just breathtaking.  Look at those colors.  I could wrap myself in that shade of blue and sleep forever in peace and love.  I’m not a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino’s breakout movie but Durieux’s take on it is fucking gorgeous.  This guy’s prominence in the poster world keeps getting bigger and bigger.  For those of you who love Pulp Fiction, there’s about a gillion Easter Eggs scattered about so feel free to look for those. 

Now onto books and things.  I got The Art of Eorzea recently.  So Final Fantasy XIV is maybe the best MMORPG right now.  I know, I know, opinions and the such but it is really damn great. To top off all the fun, it is painfully beautiful.  The world is beautifully designed, pulling all sorts of fun elements from the franchise and creating a coherent, cohesive world inhabited by both horror and beauty.  Okay, I’ll quit trying to sell you on the game.  This books is fucking great.  300+ pages.  Full color pages.  Lots of design details on weapons, armor, monsters and city layouts.  It punches all the right buttons for me and I wish it would get a release here in the states.  If you are a fan of the game then this is very much worth tracking down.


I picked up this little gem.  It’s a tarot card set designed by Yoshitaka Amano.  I’ve been a fan of his stuff since I was a little boy so this seemed like something I would like to have in my collection.  I’ve never been a believer in the mystic art of divination but the card designs are just amazing.  There have been all sorts of cool decks designed.  Dali did a deck.  So did Geiger.  There’s probably a furry version too.  Holy shit, furry tarot cards?  I’d buy that shit in a heart beat.  See this is what happens when I don’t outline these blogs. 


So there you go.  Prints and art books.  That’s me.  Oh, I did get this:


 I knew it was something I needed in my life.  I have it now.  I feel a little bit more complete now.


Well that's some stuff I acquired recently.  I hope you enjoyed taking this journey with me.  Let me know if you acquired anything fun recently.  I love hearing about neat stuff people own.

- Sent from my Lisa Frank Dungeon

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