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Bundling Idiot: Humble PC & Android Bundle 12


Greetings and welcome to Bundling Idiot, the new weekly Cblog in which I talk about a current video game bundle that will get you some bang for your buck! This week the focus is Humble PC & Android Bundle 12. I'll be talking about only the pay what you want tier of games this time for an extreme potential of cheapness for everybody.

Tetrabot and Co is a point and click puzzle game where you, an adorable robot, collect and launch blocks in order to navigate obstacles and collect special gold blocks (3 in each stage). Different blocks have different properties, such as sticking to each other, enabling you to create unique structures to solve interesting and often really tough problems. The concept is simple to grasp but the constant new mechanics keep the game fresh. When finally solving those difficult puzzles in Tetrabot and Co I felt like a gosh darned genius and the beautiful ambient music makes sticking around for those moments less stressful.

Titan Attacks is a Space Invaders style shooter with some great modern adaptations. After each stage you receive money based on enemies killed which you can use to upgrade your tank in a variety of ways allowing you to pick and choose your own style of play, it's not incredibly in-depth but is perfect for the fast arcade action on offer. Also worth mentioning is the aesthetic, the dark backgrounds and aliens are contrasted by bright neon style bullets which not only looks beautiful but also really makes the bullets easy to see amongst the chaos. Titan Attacks is a great way to scratch that arcade itch and feels both classic and modern.

The Inner World is a charming point and click adventure in which you play Robert, a young apprentice who has never left the palace, exploring the weird suffering world of Asposia. The voice acting is great and the dialogue is provocative in a bizarre sort of way. The game features the revealing of hotspots and a robust hint system so if you, like me, are struggling, you are able to access a range of hints ranging from a nudge in the right direction all the way to exact instructions of what to do next, which I really appreciated.

VVVVVV is a difficult “Metroidvania” that I'm pretty sure you have all played before. The central mechanic on display is gravity control, you can vertically shift gravity to avoid obstacles and explore the maze-like environment. To help balance out the intense difficulty checkpoints are plentiful so death never feels like a huge punishment. The very basic retro style graphics manage to give VVVVVV a really unique look and make exploring the world a much more weird and wonderful experience. If you haven't played it before, this is the perfect opportunity.

I really feel that the games on offer in this bundle are really worth looking at. From what I have played all these games would be enjoyable for either a long session on the PC (how I played them) or a quick burst on the bus on your phone. Not to mention the fact that if you want to pay more there are extra games not discussed here (Costume Quest, Ironclad Tactics, Shadowrun Returns and more to come next Tuesday).

Thanks for reading everybody and let me know in the comments below what you thought if you want! This is a new project of mine and any feedback would be appreciated, even if you just want to tell me I suck.

See you next week!

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