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Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup #11/ Brief Podcast Mention


Solar Pony Django’s Bi-Weekly Comic Book Roundup for the Weeks of: 3/04/15 and 3/11/15


Note: The bi-weekly comic book roundup is for comics that I personally picked up during these two weeks since I don’t have enough money for all the comics that come out since there is a wide selection. Got a comic you did read that I missed? Talk about it in the comments and share your thoughts and feelings on it. I also only briefly talk about each comic, so as to raise awareness for them and see which ones you may be most interested in.

So still looking for a co-host, for the comic podcast, I do plan to start recording next Saturday for this first episode I know I have one for sure and if we get more people from there that works for me! I’m also thinking of naming it Piled High Comics: A Comic and Geek Culture Podcast, since I’d like to talk about games as well. What do you guys think?

I also wanted to give a short little mention to Sonic Super-Sized Comics Digest because there’s a short little 5 page comic that hasn’t been available before that shows off Sally a little bit more. It mainly happens to be a collection of comics that I’ve (for the most part) covered before. There’s a few that started right before I started this but it’s a roundup and not new comics. Still they’re a decent way to catch up on them if you’re interested.

Fables – The Wolf Among Us #3:

I’m really trying to not go into the story for this one since it goes with the game as well and at that point I’m kind of ruining the experience of 2 things and don’t want to do that. However what I DO want to discuss is that for when certain characters died because of your play through of the game it’s interesting to see them survive and see the other side of the story you didn’t get to see. So I have been enjoying that as well as the extras that have been included in the issues, but it does still feel a bit like a rehashing. Still, it’s interesting enough if you liked the game to give it a go.

Howard the Duck #1:

This week we also have the introduction of a new comic! I’d heard about the previous Howard the Duck comics and his brief appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy was enough to intrigue me. We even have a reference to that on the cover! Look at Howard’s filing cabinet. Even with his movie in the 90’s I was pretty interested in him.

Yeah that scene was weird… and I think it’s technically safe to post since it’s a PG rated movie? I mean if not, I’ll take edit it.

Anyways with Howard the Duck we see him getting out of jail right away and out of place, he was somehow teleported to Earth, he gets to talking with one of the other inmates and starts to become friends with her. We also see that his office is right next door to She-Hulks office (what?) and that a certain man is trying to get back a necklace from Black Cat. So Howard calls up Spider-Man (after intentionally pissing off She-Hulk (risky move) to get her to leave her office so he can steal Spideys number. Well done getting away with it. I did notice a slight problem with one of the scenes however. A continuation error if you will, one scene Howards wearing his hat, next scene he isn’t (not knocked off by anything) scene after that he’s wearing his hat again. Tara and Howard have a montage after his meeting with Spidey, since Tara knows where Black Cat lives but Spidey wouldn’t tell them. They have a literal training montage aftterwards.

This series is already weird but I love it, they then have a bizarre as hell plan to get into Black Cat’s apartment that I won’t tell so as to at least have some kind of mystery and get people interested. Afterwards Howard’s on the run from Black Cat after a Collector… well collects Howard. And that’s when he meets Rocket Raccoon. In space jail being hustled away to be part of a collection. That’s also where it ends.

My Little Pony – Friends Forever #14:

With this issue it’s the team up that I never knew I wanted! It’s Spike and Princess Luna! The reason that we have this team up is because FillyDelphia is having fires and no one knows why. Naturally since Spike is a dragon, they call him in to invest because well he’s a dragon. They also wanted him since FillyDelphia also has a dragon populace so they’re suspected naturally. Spike gets to meet with a slightly older dragon that’s cute and will possibly be seen later in the comic series. She’s also a fan girl for Princess Luna, how convenient for Spike that he knows her. Racial tensions rise, turns out it wasn’t the dragons at all and everybody should be trusted, the same lesson they’ve been harping on for a while in the comics. They do this in the show too but not nearly to this extent I feel. Still it was cute, and we find out that it was a Fire Snail that’s been burning houses down.

Sonic The Hedgehog #270:

We get a little more backstory on Breezie again, with Metal Sonic having built Casino Park for her as part of his Sonic Heroes plan. We also get to see a lot more battles; in fact the majority of this issue is fight, after fight, after fight. Which isn’t a problem, should’ve expected it since Worlds Unite starts in 3 issues. I was also wrong on my guess as well, Sonic did not transform for his fight. Yet, we’ll see if that changes. Bean and Nack face off, with Bean winning but since Nack’s the boss Bean losses to Nack so as to make himself look good. We get Amy versus Knuckles and she just gets obliterated, partially due to Amy overthinking it. Completely actually, as she’s worried that Knuckles will get hurt and is focusing on that after the bell has rung. So Knuckles takes her out with one hit. Honey and Sonic fight and Honey’s just as cheap as ever! Color me unimpressed with this character, cheap tactics are not something that amuses me. Sonic does win however, and we get a brief slew of ads back before we’re back to the fights. We see that Breezie also has her own video game company, movie company, and her own TV station. She’s doing pretty well for herself! Knuckles then fights off against Nack and Nack is completely wrecked. Nack goes in thinking he’ll fool Knuckles because HA HA KNUCKLES YOU SO STOOPID! But Knuckles was luring Nack into a false safety and grabs him and smashes him similar to how the Hulk did Loki. We then see Nack and crew preparing themselves to interfere with the final fight between Sonic and Knuckles so as to steal the Chaos Emerald. I don’t typically talk about off panels (one shot three panel comics) but this one deserves a special mention as it references JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! However I can’t seem to find it online so you’ll have to buy the issue.

Sonic Boom #05:

I’m hoping that after Worlds Unite Sonic Boom will develop into an actual story, for the moment though I understand. 8 issues until you plan a big comic crossover you need to establish characters. And that’s exactly what they’re doing, I just like actual story.

This issue’s mainly devoted to Eggman getting into shenanigans so as to have people trust him again, as you can probably guess that doesn’t pan out. You are kinda the bad guy after all Eggman, causing trouble to the islanders for years won’t help. It’s cute though, and I do enjoy it enough. Eggman then makes an amusement park based off of Oktoberfest. And I’m not joking on that. But I actually like that because when else will you see Eggman in lederhosen? Eggman eventually decides to go full evil again and Sonic and friends stop him. However someone suggests that he wants to buy a Go-Kart which gives Eggman his next idea. And it seems like we’ll get at least a small story in next issue since it says part 1! So I’m just here complaining sounding like a fool when my complaints already been addressed.

Spider-Man 2099 #10:

We have Spidey and Strange 2099 team up while Maestro and his Minister make a scheme; they both get out and sneak around until they come to Maestro’s collection room. And he has a lot in his collection, Spider-Man, Thor, Magneto, Wolverine, Iron-Man, all kinds of relics in there. Including a time machine that Maestro has never figured out how to get to work. Strange is stabbed by an invisible Maestro because he has a magic cloak that lets him do that. Spidey 2099 blasts Maestro with a super charged Iron-Man blast that looks like it does some damage but he is Future Hulk so nothing will keep him down for long. That dagger also was a special dagger that didn’t kill Strange but instead made it so she was under control of something else working for him. Spidey goes back to his own time and Maestro also uses the time machine to go back to December 25th, New Mexico, not sure of the year however.

Spider-Woman #005:

We find out that Spider-Woman hasn’t exactly… been on the ball lately with her super hero duties as she interrupts a demonstration for the Police on how to take out a super powered villain if it comes to it and is then thrown into jail. Which she doesn’t appreciate since she didn’t technically do anything wrong they can’t pin anything on her, they can however post a video of what she did online to humiliate her which is pretty stupid. She does get a hint however as that something, not sure as to what is going on and she initially decides she’s just not interested in it. As we continue on however we do see that, something is indeed going on as she meets one of the people that was mentioned in the report and decides why not, may as well investigate. The person the linked her in to this also gives a creepy smile one he finds out. Either foreshadowing or just cocky that he knew she’d do that, not sure yet.

Amazing Spider-Man #016:

While looking this issue up I actually want to discuss one other thing real quick. Apparently Spider-Man One More Day will not be cannon any longer soon! Which I know to a lot of Spider fans that will make them happy, however since I came in after One More Day I have no opinion myself. Boy it would be nice if I had a podcast I could talk about this stuff in instead… Which I am still working on and if things go according to plan first episode will be recorded Saturday.

Anyways… with this issue we see Peter facing off against a reptile man who I don’t think is the Lizard? Unless he’s changed? Man… I feel behind on this. But we have Pete being late to his very important business meeting again unfortunately and Sajani bitches him out, and is a rather unpleasant character overall, which I’d forgotten about due to Spider-Verse. We then see Pete presenting his plans for the Super-Villain Jail he’s working on building and we also see that Alchemax is playing… cheating. They’re cheating. Hiring a hitman to hit Parker Industries. We also get a bit of back story for Black Cat what she’s been up to lately.

Spider-Gwen #2:

We find out that Gwen did in fact survive her drop, not quite as gracefully as she could’ve unfortunately since she wakes up with what could quite possibly be a concussion. Well she has an imaginary Spider-Ham right next to her talking to her throughout the entire issue which is great, she did a pair of mini web wings instead of a Web-Chute though so that’s why she hurt herself rather than landing smoothly. We see the police are trying to find out who Spider-Gwen is, but she got lucky, she had lost her phone but her dad picked it up saving her butt. We also see a brief reunion with the Mary Jane’s crowd which doesn’t go over well and they’re gone almost instantly. I’m thinking they’ll come into play later they just haven’t yet, we do get to see that this Daredevil represents King Pin which I don’t remember if he did in regular Earth, which I doubt. Seeing as we find out that he’s a bad guy here. Looking for Gwen, this probably won’t end well.

We see everyone thrown into a lake, not sure why however as we didn’t get anything leading into it. However no one dies and they continue on we see a secret Hydra base leading Scientists and such inside to conduct research on something we don’t know quite yet. However since its Hydra, they’re pretty brutal and if they see any sign of weakness people are quickly killed off. We also possibly see a mutant? Not quite sure yet but I’m sure will be explained more. They manage to find the ship they were looking for that blasted everything but didn’t kill anyone somehow and once Howard Stark puts the orb in that he found the ship blasts off. Straight toward the Hydra base! And that’s where it ends, so we’ll have to find out what happens next time!

Future’s End #44:

Here we have Future’s End very quickly and efficiently knock Brainiac on his ass with just one hit, however he would’ve gotten back up if it wasn’t for Palmers coming along with Brother Eye and shrinking him down. However, no one is taking care of Brainiacs lifting machine however so it’s now falling down since no one is controlling it. SuperMan takes it upon himself and lifts it by himself, pretty impressive.

Future’s End #45:

Frankenstein finally dies in this one, unfortunately since he’s a pretty interesting character. However I’m guessing he’ll come back, seeing as how Brother Eye had him under his control later, but maybe the timeline has changed already. Then we have damage control with SuperMan taking care of it and SuperMan throws Brainiacs device into the sun. We also see the previous group that was taking the Earth 2 Super Heroes and boxing them in preparing for something, some kind of Apocalypse. Don’t have to wait too long to see what he referred to though as Brother Eye has taken over now that he’s been allowed in! Because no one saw that coming even with Terry warning Bruce! Great Jorb! Speaking of Terry, he’s on his way to Brother Eye now but happens to have some… problems in front of him seeing as Brother Eye has already taken over quite a few people under his control.

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