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CrossCode: A game you must try!


Gotta say, best action RPG in some time and it's not even complete!

Lurking on the internet can be very interesting, and usually, the sturgeon's law apply to everything you try to do or find on it, be it webcomics, music, or games. But obviously, I am here to talk about that 10% that is worth it: Corss-Code is one of such "Diamond in the Rough" so to speak. Let's just say I love it.


Cross-Code is an Action RPG game made by Radical Fish games, a group of developers that take their stuff very seriously. The game shows refined gameplay, fluid animations, fast-paced combat, well, it's just get everything right for me at least in the most important departments, but of course it has an equally interesting story too, and levels and wannot! But I guess you wanna a piece of action too to see what I am talking about, don't you?, Just go download the demo here!

Wait, a demo? yes, it's in it's still in development, and since not everything is kickstarter funded, do it justice and go to to the indiegogo page of the game, because the game really deserves the funding to make it a full game! 


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