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Physical Package Vs Digital Download? Which do you like more?


Hello there, and welcome to my blog, hope you don't mind I recently moved here just to spew a few of my thoughts, which ones you ask? About video games today of course. And now, I will write about one of the many interesting things many people debate (and whine) about them: How do you get your games, digital or physical?

it´s all about money my dear!in either case, we are going to rip you off with our decoration horse DLC so we can get that camaro we always wanted.

Anyway, with time flowing up, I was thinking "Why some people does hiss and scratch at your face over what is essentially a natural change?" is easily responded by one thing: people fear change. And with the advent of digital downloads as a new way to get the games you want to play, it's no surprise that anyone is annoyed about the change. However, as anything in life, nothing's perfect, and while a game card or DVD has it's advantages, it's hardly the only and most ideal way to sell games to the world and get something out of it. Developers need food too, the internet was very mainstream, things advance, blablabla, and now is viable to download digital ecstasy like it was an Ipod or something. So Why not now? the future is now! there are good things too about not going to your local walmart and get to play the latest release it at 2AM or something.

It's way better that to wake up and find out that your friend erased you from it´s facebook because you just let him in suspense by not responding his hello, anyway!sure, it beats losing friends in facebook at midnigh, doesn't?

But of course, that doesn't mean the immediate demise of the physical way, or is it? I mean, look at books, e-books are fancy but people still make books because it's the first and good ol' way to read, and don't get me to tell you about...ok, now I'm just rambling, but still...right now we can enjoy of both, why? because everything, like disadvantages, as advantages too! I mean, if you can make your old NES to work with your copy of Mario Bros & Duck hunt, go ahead, they're forever baby! no patches, no wait, just press start and play! just enjoy it and don't interrupt me while I see how fast my download percentage goes with titanfall.Like, if you like to persuade people to believe you're a hipster, you can totally go for physical purchases!
and now you can use the wizardly of statistics to declare yourself a hipster™

First, I'm just go ahead and put some examples, like, yes, you can totally sell that halo 2 collectors edition for a peanut of a game boy if you get bored of it, but what if you got your xbox stolen? sorry, tough luck. but hey, now if your little nephew or niece put your PS4 on fire because it's such a little, little fiend, don't worry! your games are safe! Just log in in your brand, new, and properly protected new console and repeat the tedious task to wait 5 days to everything to download again, bored? just fend off the little rascal and get it off your lawn.

Don't Mess with grandad!!!
Only to be utterly and properly destroyed by your reasonably pissed off grandpa for wasting money on what he calls "bullshit". Again.

In my experience, I guess you can kind of play with these two formats however,since they offer interesting possibilities. In my case, I prefer to buy a game physically that I know I will throw away the moment I finish it (or burn it by beating the challenges, if it's good enough) because I'm not precisely rich by money standards, so I can sell the game later and either, get some money for something more immediately necessary, (like gas for the car, or something more mundane) or save for something that I and my friends are we sure are going to use for a long time on (Like League of Legends skins, wait, is that a game? yes, it's called "bitch slapped with envy®" trust me, you'll know the rules as you go!)

Of course, there are wacky things going on as well, like, games being exclusively digital due to a random assortment of reasons (it's too short, it's indie, or it's a "virtual console" game, and many more), pre orders (damn those) and alike, but it's clearly that the digital era is way to mainstream to ignore, and now people adapt and shit. So for now, we all can enjoy from the best of both worlds. What I see here is that we can use them as we see fit, adapting them to our needs, but what do you think? do you prefer digital or physical, and why? or do you like both?

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