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Termina Destroyed in Daylight Saving Mishap


In tragic news, the parallel world of Termina was destroyed this morning after residents from Goron Village all the way down to Romani Ranch forgot to set their clocks forward by an hour.

The strange and sometimes frustratingly vague land of Termina was wiped out when the moon fell from the sky and crashed into Clock Town. The lone survivor of the mass destruction was a man simply known as the Happy Mask Salesman, who said a small boy from Hyrule had forgot to account for the time change in his quest to save Termina.

“The boy thought he had another hour,” said the salesman. “He told me he was going to find some dancer near Snowhead while also giving a title deed to a hand in a toilet. He was clearly talking gibberish. I asked him why he was so focused on these menial tasks instead of trying to save the world and he told me not to worry about it and added something about his adventure only being about five hours long if he didn’t work on these, as he called them, ‘sidequests.’ So he used the Song of Double Time to jump to 5am this morning, not realizing that the time change actually made it 6am. Boy he must have had egg on his face when saw the moon kill all those people he was delivering letters to just six hours earlier.”

Authorities say they’re not sure what will happen next but they do believe the incident has created a fourth timeline.

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