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Hee-ho! Here is literally all of the best Persona 5 fanart I could find


Only semi-related, but I also found this. So adorable!

All it took was a single well done piece to send me on a manic search for literally every great Persona 5 fan do-up I could find. I didn't think I'd ever do a blog like this, even for as huge a fan of Persona as I am, but... here we are. I need to vent my findings as my search was, indeed, very fruitful. So much so, in fact, I'm gonna have to properly organize shit into categories and shit. Even if Persona 5 has yet to have even been given a finalized release date, that doesn't stop the franchise's biggest and most talented fans from creating some really wonderful works with what material they have. 

For the record, I'm not here to out-art Dream or Hoff.

But, then again, maybe I am. 

I should also mention that I am very very strict about what I consider truly great pieces of art. I'm not even an artist myself, but the tiniest of details can really get to me. An eye that's just a bit off, a chin that's too big (I see a surprising amount of those), awkward poses, watermarks, obvious references, etc. I give some leeway when it comes to having a unique art style, but something about me absolutely hates that one thing that makes the piece imperfect. 

So, I guess expect some pretty awesome stuff. Everything's really fucking legit here. (sources, where applicable, in the captions)


Crisp Detail

I love that cold stare and smile. I mean, it's pretty cold for a guy with one eye bleeding. Not even a slight wrinkle or twitch? Feeling uncomfortable? ... guess not. 


Anne and Morgan in what might as well be official art. Not precise to the Persona style, but pretty close. 


Bright lights and cheeky smiles.


Not much in the way of creative style or posing, but my god that is some tremendous lighting and texture. 


Shhhhh. We gonna do it in the rear, now. 


I wouldn't mind if this were the official look of these two. I expect younger looks, though. 


Might be my favorite. The mask morphing into a blood spot better be a thing at a point or two in the game proper. Flames are so passe.



Persona Q-2: Sponsered by Funko Pop!


Will these characters be Persona 5's fuel to the loli/shota fire?


Remind me never to fall asleep near my cat. I'd rather wake up to a clean mouth. (oh there's a vagina joke in there somewhere)


It's also where he stores his eye drops. You don't keep a stare up like that without at least some excessive strain. 


I love chalk/marker scribble fills. Or anything similar. Always stands out. 


Rub, rub, rub, as fast as you can! I get way too excited by the motions of your hand!


You know he'll be Dancing All Night DLC at some point. He at least should be. Or maybe he's a secret unlockable? Oh my. Speaking of "way too excited". 



Don't tell me he doesn't look like Bayonetta here. 


Two fingers now. Three when you play my game. 


You can tell by the way he uses his walk that he's a woman's man, no time to talk. 


Holy crap is this nice. I'd buy a book of Persona/SMT art done in this fashion. Hardcover, limited edition, special plushie for pre-order. 


Stop with your cheeky smiles, already. You're quite literally breaking the fourth wall!


Kinda reminds me of some of the "Spring of Birth" art from Persona 3, but with more pink rather than blue. 


Finally, some solo art from Ryuji! He's sort of at a disadvantage, unfortunately, not being either the MC or the female eye candy. 


I hope you've washed that since your last dungeon crawl. 


The way they've done up Morgan is very endearing. Oh hey! I just noticed Arsene in the background.


Anne in her dominatrix kitty style!


"Guys. Isn't it weird, that when you look at your own nose, it becomes two? Don't you see it, too?"


Persona 2 x Persona 5 is always a surprise. Despite the obvious similarities with the emphasis on red, people seem to often ignore that in favor of just sticking the P5 MC with the P3/P4 dudes. 



Courtesy of our own Benny Disco!


No words needed.




Ring the fucking bell. 



He appears quiet and docile, but this behavior is actually a profound ruse.


They're just falling from the sky!


Click the link for the entire (awesome) thing.



Full Resolution


Full Resolution


Full Resolution


Full Resolution


Full Resolution


Full Resolution


Full Resolution


Sexy (oh boy, here we go)

I can hardly carry on a conversation over the phone, let alone become aroused by one.


... well played, Internet. Well played. 


Nothing blatant here. But, then again, you don't draw boobs that uncharacteristically huge without the intent of popping at least a few weasels or dripping a few faucets. 









Clean yourself up and finish your ice cream, already!


Oh god, now you're pretending to be a dog. What the hell is wrong with you? 


Whoever did this deserves some real fucking props. I absolutely love a little cheekiness/humor in my porn. 




It goes without saying, but you should post some too! 

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