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Comic Podcast (With a slight addition of video games)


So I have decided to go through with my idea of a comic podcast and create a comic podcasts, but it will surely delve into video games on occasion and possibly other things. That being said I would like to keep it at least 50% comics, that is the point of me starting this in the first place after all, would be silly otherwise. I'd kind of like the podcast to be a possible introduction to people thinking of getting into comics, as well as expanding comic fans knowledge about comics and possibly intriguing them into other comics they may not have thought about.

On a side note the weekly comic blog should be done by Wednesday. I'd have it done today but I have another blog that's going up tomorrow first and I know we're not supposed to post more than one blog per day. So I won't!

However I think I need the Destructoid community's help a little on two things first. Number 1: What the hell should I call it? I thought about Comictoid and nope. Taken. By Destructoid actually! So that was fine but now I'm trying to think of something clever and I just can't at the moment. So that's where I'm looking at you kid.

So I need help on that but I need help on two other aspects as well.

The second thing I need help on is more cohosts. I have one and I think Cosmontropolis would work really well actually so he's included. However I'd like to have one more Dtoider as a full time host bringing it up to 4 (I forgot to mention I'll be having one of my friends as a host as well most likely) and I'd like to have a rotating host. Possibly three or four other people from Destructoid interested in comics that way it could spice up the comics a bit since otherwise we'd most likely be talking about the same one's each week so I think this would be a good way to keep it fresh.

The third thing is could I get some advice from other people on Destructoid that have made podcasts?  I'm looking into it myself but figured the best way to get this started would be to get advice from people here on Destructoid, how do you record, what do you recommend using for voice communication between people, what software do you use to format it. Things like that, so honestly any and all help on that subject would be greatly appreciated.

So hopefully with your guys help I can find an additional cohosts, a rotation of cohosts, a name and some podcast advice. Any and all help is great! Thanks so much guys!


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