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Net Neutrality won, bitches!


The FCC voted today on the implementation of net neutrality, and it mother fucking passed! Woo! This is a huge day for the safety of the internet!

For those unaware, telecoms have been putting pressure on the FCC and federal US government to allow for ISPs to charge websites for "premium" internet speed, effectively bottlenecking websites that won't pay, and making consumer internet packages almost utterly meaningless, because while you may be paying for 20 megs, your favorite websites might only be able to run at a speed of 5 megs because they aren't paying out the dick for that 20 meg plan as well. Net neutrality is a system that says no, fuck you telecoms, you aren't the gate keepers of the internet, you don't get to do that, move bitch, get out the way.

Read up more about it over at NPR, open some wine bottles, and if you have a Comcast or Time Warner building near you, go throw some rotten eggs and fruit at it.

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